Cooking lessons

During my last ever term at school, it was decided that to fully prepare us girls for the trials of university, we should have…. a cooking lesson. So for two hours one afternoon us sixth formers duly filed off the the Food Tech classroom and learnt some “basics”. Which contributed absolutely nothing to my uni cooking repertoire (think pasta, bagels and jaffa cakes – mmmm, jaffa cakes) but led to an incident which has since become an urban legend amongst my friends.

I cannot chop carrots. And no matter how far I come in my culinary abilities – and I’m about to cook a roast for 4, so I’m pretty good these days! – to that lot, I will never be able to chop carrots.

In my defence, the carrots were in smaller pieces by the end of it than when I started…. So I don’t actually know what I did wrong. But it was the cause of much mirth that day, and ever more.

Signing off to my friend Fi – who just to show how far we’ve come these days, gets Actual Married next weekend – and remarking on my dinner plans, she said, “You OK chopping those carrots?”.

That’s why I love my friends. We may get old, but some things never do.

Chicken roasted with winter root vegetables

I realise I’ve been very sloppy here of late. And you’ll have to bear with me a couple of weeks – once aforementioned best-friend’s-wedding is sorted. Things are good though – very, very good, just very, very busy! So much for that peace and tranquility I was so sure I’d keep hold of post-Hong Kong. But fingers crossed it will all settle down soon. I miss this little writing and rambling space, so as soon as I can be I’ll be back with bells on, I promise!



What would I do,

What would I be?

If I didn’t have you and you didn’t have tea <3.



Friendship, March 2013