Oh hi!

Oh hi!

Me again. Long time no see. How’s things?

I did warn you things might go a little quiet – but admittedly, it’s been too quiet for too long. Way too long. I’ve missed you.

So many times in the last few months I’ve started drafting my “first post back” in my head. But then I’d get caught up in something and it wouldn’t get written.

And then something else would happen, and I’d wish I’d have filled you in on the first thing first, because then everything would be written down. Then you’d know everything. Rather than me backtracking, giving an overview, filling you in on everything as if they’re just bullet points, when each thing was, at the time, A Thing.

Like how I started a new job, and my life got super busy. And Rob started a job too – The Job.


And we moved into a gorgeous new flat, which I cannot tell you how much I love!

My best friend got married.


(And I got serious wedding fatigue… when the only person actually putting any pressure on me was, er, myself).

We went on holiday to Cornwall. And stuffed ourselves silly at Rick Stein’s ❤


I booked a holiday to Edinburgh with Mrs T – nearly five years after we first started talking about going.

I developed a small obsession with avocado on toast… With cherry toms, with lemon, with black pepper. Preferably on the toasted rye bread we bought from Riverside Market on Sunday. Nom.


I signed up to, and pulled out of, the Great South Run. While I learnt that I could run five miles, I also learnt that that niggle in my back I’ve had for the last few months? It was a prolapsed disc. Yep. Ouch. But I’ve signed up for the Great North Run next year.


It’s not all been jolly jolly. I’ve had some pretty low moments over the last few months, heck, even the last few weeks. Pulling out of the run left me really, really bummed – I was so enjoying the training, and how fit and strong I felt. Running a half marathon was one of my new year’s resolutions, but when I chickened out of that, and this 10-miler the day before my birthday popped up, I felt like it was a sign.

In the same day last week, I had some frankly horrible news, followed two hours later by some really exciting news. How do you process those extremes of emotion in such a short space of time!? (Answer – you don’t; you come home, eat cheerios for tea, and then duck out of your spin class the next morning to go back to bed.) And all the time at the back of my mind, I knew how much better I would feel if I just wrote it down.

So here I am! Back, writing it all down. Properly, again. Because I’m a big believer in doing the things that are good for you, be that going for a five mile run (seriously, I was so proud of myself), or booking that girly weekend with your mum. Or eating avocado on toast.

I’ve missed you 🙂


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