Travelling update: And breathe.

So, as you may have been able to tell, I was a liiiittle bit excited to break the news about travelling. Soz. Long time coming, that’s all I’m gonna say.

It’s been so hard to keep it a secret, but we’ve actually known we were going for a few weeks now… I just didn’t want to say anything before I’d told work! It would be horrible if it just got round to my boss somehow that I was going. I know it’s a job, and people leave jobs, but the agency is such a teeny little family I wanted to make sure I “leave” in the right way. So, 2 months notice, like my contract says. Plus like a week extra, because I wanted to give him as much of a heads up as poss. I don’t want to just disappear and stitch him up (and my colleague, who will have to pick up my workload when I’m gone!).

So… a calmer explanation. Yep, we’ve booked it. Flights, jabs, and now a few of the hostels. It’s coming together! When we first got over the jump-around-the-room-flights-booked part (which was a traumatic enough stage to get to, lemme tell ya, Rob’s parents were noooot on board to start with, and that’s all I’ll say!), it kind of dawned on us just how much we had to organise…! Case in point – we wanted to drive a campervan around NZ for the month that we’re there. Turns out, campervans? They’re crazy expensive. Like, more than our whole budget for NZ expensive. So I’m glad we’ve given ourselves loads of time to get everything in place – but not so much time that it feels too far away to be real! Now that I’ve given in my notice, real is very, very, much how it feels.

And we’re leaving the flat too! Walking home from work yesterday I thought to myself, this is only going to be my life for another few weeks. Like I said in my previous post, I’m finding it harder to ignore the things that annoy me about the flat now that I know we aren’t here for much longer. I just want to move out and get away from the stupid rickety bed (that breaks if you roll over too quickly), the huge white leather sofa (so not my taste, and sticky in the heat), the fridge that makes weird blowing/whirring noises every half an hour (lived here a year and still don’t know why). The fact that there’s carpet in the bathroom (weird pet hate) and that the windows open like thiiiis much… making it an oven in here all year round. Not for much longer though.

And while it’s scary that I won’t be coming back to a job, that’s exciting. This is it now. The next part. This time next year, so much will be different. New flat (already daydreaming about it on Pinterest), stocked to the brim with travel souvenirs and photos. With a second bedroom. Maybe even a garden. New job! Maybe here, maybe in Bristol – maybe I’ll be a commuter. Rob will be a trainee barrister, this time next year. And I’ll have got travelling out of my system.

I know that sounds weird, but that’s important here too. I just feel like… I should have done it by now. Not in a bad way, but I’m looking forward to it being over, so I can move on! Save up for something else for a change!

We’re finally moving forward. And it’s really not as scary as I thought 🙂



One thought on “Travelling update: And breathe.

  1. Hi Sally. I’ve just caught up with reading your recent blog posts.
    Congratulations on taking the plunge to go travelling. As you know, a lot of people dream about doing this, not many have the courage to actually do it. I remember when you had the misfortune to work alongside me on a Saturday, (back in the day!) you often talked about the need to travel. I am prepared to overlook (this time) your dalliance with the ‘kindle kontraption’ as I must grudgingly accept it ‘s usefulness on a trip like yours.
    I imagine the manager of Waitrose is devastated by your departure. I am sure cupcakes are quite scarce in Vietnam, to say nothing of carrot cake!
    Hopefully your blog will continue before and after you go. I assure, indeed promise, that when you check twitter in Ho Chi Minh City there will be a cheeky tweet from me!

    Kind regards,

    Dave Edwards

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