New toy!

New toy!


Check it out! I joined the Kindle revolution. Definitely not something I thought I’d do.

It’s not technically mine… technically it’s my dad’s. Mum got it for him as a 65th birthday present and he, err, didn’t like it. Et voila! I’ve been Kindled. At least it’s got a home.

I’d been toying with the idea of getting one for travelling…. let’s face it, I am going to get through a LOT of books in 3 months, and there’s no way schlepping them all round in my backpack was an option! And while I know loads of hostels do book exchanges and things… well… I get really attached to books. Like really attached. I love and reread them. Line them up on my bookcase and dream about my bookshelf wall. I wouldn’t want to leave one behind!

It was that affection that meant it’s taken me this long to come around to them. I don’t think they’ll ever really replace actual books, but I was determined to resist the tide for as long as possible. I explained that to the woman in Waterstones and she said, “You must be a real book lover!”. Yes, yes I am.

But you know what? I can see the benefits. Especially as a functional thing. It’s light, it’s easy to use, and I can download my whole To Read list before I go. It’s pretty useful. It’ll never be the same as a book – it doesn’t have the feel, the smell, the cover art… yeah, digital’s useful, and the stories are the same, but if anything it’s the physical things I love most. But! For this, I will allow it.

And I’m totally going to get one of those Penguin Classic cover-style cases for it anyway.

I’m currently reading Persuasion, and I’d never really and truly got on with Jane Austen before, but I’m loving it. I can so relate to Anne, and how she’s the “fixer” in the family – not unlike myself! Constantly called upon to sort everyone else out – but what about when she needs sorting? Maybe its because I feel more connected to Anne than I ever did to anyone in Pride and Prejudice, or because it’s on the Kindle? I don’t know. Vanity Fair is lined up next too, and that is my Everest – I’ve started my copy of it so many times and never finished, so maybe in Kindle form I’ll finish it!


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