Adventures in Baking – Oreo Cupcakes!

In celebration of my week off work, and of course the return of Great British Bake Off tonight (!!!)… these happened:


Oreo cupcakes. Mmmm.

I’m going home to see Mum and Dad for a few days tomorrow, and wanted to whip something up that I knew by three brothers would devour. So, of course, it had to be something chocolatey! Originally I was going to have a go at these Jaffa Cake Cupcakes from Sunday Baking, but with an absence of marmalade, and an abundance of Oreos, I swiftly changed tack. And it doesn’t hurt that these yummy little biccies are one of my brothers’ favourites. They also once got me through a severe bout of food poisoning while island hopping in Greece. True story.

I got the recipe from another baking blog, Sweet Harts Cakes and Bakes. Mine definitely did not turn out as pretty as hers though!! I didn’t have quite the right amount of icing sugar that the recipe states, but remembered that a few recent recipes had left me with waaay too much icing. Invariably resulting in me eating icing for dinner (not ideal). So I thought I’d counter that by just adding less better, to match the smaller amount of sugar – yeah, that didn’t work. It still tasted yummy, but the icing definitely didn’t set as well as it could have – a bit too buttery!

I wish I’d taken a pic of the inside of a cupcake – they have a whole Oreo biscuit in the bottom of each paper case, making them almost like mini cheesecakes! And out of fear of my oven (still haven’t done enough baking in it to get a real feel for how it’ll behave) I took them out sliiiightly early… but they were all the better for being just that little bit underbaked. Gooey Oreo-y deliciousness. Mmmm.

Another note though – use big cupcake cases! The Oreo at the bottom takes up quite a lot of room in each one, meaning you end up with a looooot of cake mix. And therefore, a looot of cakes! I ended up only putting Oreos in some of them (to make them Oreo Surprise Cupcakes) to try and use the mix up faster.

I’m already feeling inspired by this year’s series of Bake Off (SO excited. Probably TOO excited. This is probs what it’s like for boys when the Premiership starts again) and want to have a go making a Jammy Dodger version of these. Jammy dodger biscuit base, vanilla cupcake, some runny or royal icing and a glacee cherry.. whaddaya reckon?


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