Love is

Yesterday, Rob came home early from football training to save me from the giant moth that had flown out of our kitchen bin.

Now that, people, is true love.



(Nope, I don’t know how it got in the bin either.)



3 thoughts on “Love is

    • Ah, thanks! How are you getting on since graduation? Hope you aren’t finding things as daunting as I did… Just have to see it as exciting! I’ll have to give your blog a read too 🙂

      • Exciting indeed! Thank you for the reply – summer has been really good, but kind of strange… keep expecting that we’ll all go back in the autumn and carry on for another year or two, which isn’t the case for most! I’m doing teacher training, in the same place that I did my undergrad, so I get to stay in the same place, just the world around me has changed a bit! But teacher training seems pretty daunting right now… I start on Monday, and keep wondering where my summer went! 😛 It’d be great to know what you think about my blog 🙂

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