There is something big that I haven’t shared with you.

Something very big. Huge. Literally life changing… and long awaited.



… Rob got a job. A pupillage. He got one. He got it.

He got it!! AAAAAAAH!! 

Sorry that it’s taken me so long to share this with you all… In all honesty, we’ve been running around like whirlwinds since we found out that we’ve barely had time to take it in ourselves! We found out a couple of weeks ago, but were kind of pinching ourselves and holding our breath until he’d had the contract, signed it, and delivered it back. Which he now has. Which makes it finally, finally, seem very very real. Finally!!

For those of you who don’t know, these pupillages? They’re hard to come by. You can start applying the year before you do the Bar Course, and you have up to 5 years to secure one from the year you pass the Bar. This was Rob’s second “proper” go through the system – he did have a couple of interviews in London the year before he did the Bar course, but by his own admission had no idea what he was doing. But he certainly got one hell of a lot of practice between then and now! Maybe, what, 50 interviews, altogether? Here, there and everywhere. From Leeds to London, Oxford to Liverpool, and everywhere in between. He moved to Holland for three months. Worked flat out every night after work, and every weekend, for months, months on end. And… now it’s done. He’s got it, and I cannot tell you what it means to him, to us or to me.

I’ve hinted darkly at “What It Was Like Last Summer” before on this blog… and I’m not going to go into it all again. Because I don’t have to 🙂 We never have to go through that again. That was the overriding emotion when he told me – absolute relief. Not surprise, because I always knew he could do it, how much he deserved to do it – but that’s not how it works. It was all about whether someone would give him the chance to do it. A huge, suffocating weight, one that we’d got used to carrying just above our shoulders, threatening to bear down… just lifting. And then: yay!!

And then, jagerbombs. Dangerous times. We were at our friend’s birthday party, you see, a big post-uni get together that happens every summer in deepest, darkest Taunton. He had the interview 9am that morning and we hit the road as soon as he could get out of his suit and into his flip flops! It was always going to be a good distraction of a weekend because we flew to Spain the next day. Which led to some confusion when the Chambers finally called…

Basically, I did the most girly, silly thing I could do. And left my entire make up bag in Cardiff (next to the sink in the bathroom… I could picture it sitting there!!). The day before we go to Spain for Rob’s cousin’s wedding. Yep, not ideal. And so not the kind of thing I do! I was so annoyed with myself. So having explained this to Rob, and asking whether he could call his uncle (who we were flying out with) to see if there would be time for us to go back to Cardiff the next day to pick it up, when the phone rang, I assumed that’s who it was. And so pottered back out to the garden to moan to the other girls, and ask if I could scrabble through their supplies for eyeliner later.

Then Rob appeared from round the front of the house, saying we should check the car again. I’d definitely already checked the car, and so assumed he was pretty cross with me for adding another journey to our weekend of transportation. We walk away from all our mates, and he’s just talking rubbish, and I can’t work out why. I’m waiting for him to tell me off, or at least to tell me what Barry said, but it’s like he’s just talking to, well, keep talking.

Then we get to the front of the house.

Then he says, in this crazy, quick, slightly strangled voice – “That was all bullsh*t. I just got pupillage!”

I don’t think I’ll ever forget him saying that! I just squawked (I won’t dignify it by calling it a scream, it was too messy to be a scream) and threw myself into his arms. Then Josh (the birthday boy) appeared as in all the commotion we’d managed to let the dog out. So I’m up in the air, crying, Rob’s holding on to me, and Josh is running round our ankles trying to catch the dog! Bizarre. But brilliant.

We went back into the garden and seeing me walk up shaking and still sort of crying assumed we’d had some massive fight… But Josh told them what had happened. And his parents appeared with champagne!

It turned what was going to be a “lets-behave-ourselves-we’re-going-on-holiday-tomorrow” kind of evening to an “oh-my-god-pass-me-a-jagerbomb” kind of evening… but sooo worth it. We have a plan now, people, we have a future, and OK, so technically we always had one of those, now I can actually see it!!

So exciting. So bloody exciting. He gets to actually do it, actually go and be a barrister, after all this. Can you imagine working that hard for something, and then never getting to actually do it? It was something he was preparing himself for, and we’d have dealt with it, should it have come but… this is so, so much better.

He has to go to London to get his wig and gown before he starts. He’s excited about the engraved box with his name on… I’m excited about the serious Harry Potter overtones…



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