Off the grid

I’ve just got back from a week in the hills of Southern Spain; lounging by the pool, strolling to the beach, leaning over cliffs to take in what I’m sure you’ll agree was one hell of a view:


And the one thing I didn’t do? Turn on my phone. Initially out of fear of mental roaming charges, I switched it off at the airport, and turned it on again a week later. No Twitter, no Facebook, no emails or texting. I had a wobble 48 hours in, mostly because I missed texting my mum šŸ˜¦ … but 1 cheeky message off the boy’s mobile and that was that.

I was officially, as I like to call it, off the grid. And I loved it!

I may try and deny it, but I am one of those people who are always within an arm’s reach of their mobile. I’m definitely more of a texter than a phoner, and am unashamed of my love of Twitter – mostly because those are the quickest ways to get in touch, to check in, to find out what’s happening. And while it was initially a bit weird not being privy to that rolling stream of news… it was also kind of wonderful! Peaceful. I switched off. Holiday mode. And yeah, the Royal Baby was born, but I didn’t really miss anything that hugely, vitally, life-changingly important. AndĀ more thanĀ that – I kind of like being missed.

Let me explain. Everyone has That Friend. The one who, on a Monday morning at 9am GMT posts something along the lines of this:


Morning! Miami / Corfu / Thailand / Sydney you’re looking beautiful today… glad I’m not at work!!

Weirdly, being a phone lover (and this may well change whenĀ I finally get my hands onĀ something that can use Instagram)Ā I don’t ever want to be that guy. I don’t want to experience things through my phone screen, or people’s reactions to what I’m doing… I just want to experience them.Ā You go away to, well, go away. Don’t try and constantly check back in with everyone, link them in to what you’re doing, seeing, eating… Be away. Be missed.

We still have Big Plans to travel the world one day, and you can guarantee I won’t be there bugging you while you settle in at your desk. I’ll be out actually enjoying it all. And I’ll fill you all in when I get back.


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