The Big Week!

Phew! It’s a big week this week. Big happenings, big attitudes – and big temperatures, of course.

So what’s gone down in the last 7 days? Well, quite a lot really!

First things first. I had that award interview last Friday. I was nervous on the Thursday evening (mostly thanks to the hardest-ever mock interview I’ve ever been given, thanks to my other half for that one…) but I made it, I smiled, I shook hands, I left, and I think it went OK! I’ll be able to tell you more next week, once the official shortlist has been announced. So stay tuned 😉 .

Next. More interviews. Big news from the other half. A good friend of ours who is also slogging through this summer’s round of barrister interviews has scored a pupillage. Hurrah! Not quite the news I thought it was, when I had a missed call, though it has definitely reminded me to stop jumping to conclusions. Especially when in an irrational post-gym state when my brain needs sugar….

I mentioned big attitudes at the top there, and this was what kicked that switch. Anyone I was unlucky enough to be around last summer will know, this barrister interview thing? It’s hell. It starts in March, it drags out over the whole summer, it raises your hopes and smashes them willy-nilly, and you come out of it feeling… exhausted. Emotionally, physically and intellectually. The system is old-fashioned, unpredictable, and makes no sense. But you just have to accept, that is how the system is. And we’ve decided that this is not going to get us down.

I think just the level of … devastation we went through last year when, despite a million interviews and our high hopes, it didn’t work out, really took us by surprise. It was almost like grief. We didn’t know what to do with ourselves, where to go next, how to deal with just suddenly having your future… wiped. And now that we know what that’s like, we had both started to feel a little negative about the process so far this year.

Not any more!

We’re back and we’re fighting. He’s gone from bummed out to angry to back on top. He’s had 3 interviews this week and is coming out of them more fired up than he ever was. Yes we know how bad it can be, but you have to go into those things thinking “I am going to smash this”. Don’t be defeatist. Otherwise, what’s the point?

And – we have a big weekend to look forward to. Finally, finally, finally we are going on holiday! One of the things that last year’s interviews prevented – a double whammy, when all we wanted to do is get out of the bubble, take some time and regroup. But on Sunday evening we will be getting on an Actual Plane and going on an Actual Holiday for the first time in 3 years. We’re going to a house party on Saturday which certainly isn’t making packing any easier… but in the spirit of The Big Week, we’re only young once – go big or go home. Or on holiday.


It’s weird to think that the last time we went away together like this was the last time we went travelling. It was incredible… Krakow, Budapest, Istanbul, Santorini, Kos and Rhodes. So long ago!

Maybe it’s time to make some even bigger plans?… 


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