POW! (part 2)

So you know I was writing that award entry the other day?

Well, I got back from a meeting this afternoon to an email saying…… I’ve been shortlisted!! Woohoo!


It was pretty unexpected, as it says on the website they wouldn’t be announcing the shortlist until the end of July. Unless they do a second shortlist? Hmmm.

I feel like I should be celebrating, but this week marked the start of Operation Bikini Body, sooooo… I went to Pilates. But I did enjoy Pilates, if that counts??

The next stage is a panel interview, with 3 judges, to “talk through my entry”. Eek!! For once it won’t just be Rob doing practice interviews of an evening! I’m a bit nervous, obviously, but also quite excited. It’s a great opportunity to meet some people in the industry (and hey, I’m in PR, I like meeting new people!). And in a way I’m glad there’s a face-to-face part. I always think you come across better in person – they can get more of a feel for who you are. I remember when I was job hunting and got rejected from things, I’d just think – if you just met me, I’d convince you I’d be good at this!

So things to remember: big smile, good handshake… wish me luck for 2 weeks’ time!


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