Top Ten Tuesday: Ready for Wimbledon!

It always manages to sneak up on me, Wimbledon – I know it happens every summer, but is it me, or is there not really much of a build up? Maybe it’s just me…

Back home in Bournemouth they show it on a big screen in the Gardens. I remember lying on the grass with Rob watching it on his first trip down to visit. I wish they’d do that in Cardiff – they sometimes put it on the big screen outside the shopping centre, but that’s not really the same. And you can’t really whack out your strawberries and picnic-blanket on the pavement.

Oh, and you really can’t do it without Pimms. Check!


I’ve only gotten into it properly over the past few years, but have since discovered that tennis is one of the very few sports that I’m actually good at! We’re going to start playing again once Rob rescues the racquets from his mum and dad’s house. It will always remind me of being in the other flat last summer – constantly nipping to Waitrose for bargain packs of strawberries, and constantly having some kind of sport on the TV!

So in honour of the next two weeks, today’s Top Ten could only be this. I spotted it on Twitter yesterday and had to share. The Top Ten Tennis Faces Ever!





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