People, I have some exciting news!

I did my second-ever 10K on Saturday, the Cardiff Race For Life – and I did it in 57mins 48secs!


Considering I did my first one in 1hour 9mins… I am really rather proud of myself :-).

Running up that bloody hill every time I did some training obviously paid off! Maybe it’s rose-tinted glasses, but it honestly didn’t feel too bad. My legs were in genuine pain during the first one, but this time I felt a lot stronger. And I was bloody quick, too! I think of the distance markers were a bit off but I flew round the first 5K, reaching half way in about 25 minutes. I know! 5k to 7k felt reaalllyyyy long… I was convinced I was coming up to 8k, so I was quite disheartened when I saw that marker! And the last slog was tough – but I still managed to sprint it over the line :-).

It was really great having Rob there to watch me, too. So many times, I’ve been the one watching someone, thinking, “I could never do that”. And now it’s me doing it – it’s a huge sense of achievement.

Quite a lot of it was over grass which I wasn’t really used to. And it rained, and my ipod broke – all things I don’t usually have to contend with! So I was even more pleased with my time. I didn’t stop, even when part of me was saying “go on, have a break, you’re still going to finish in under an hour…” – nope. Mind over matter, people. You may really, really want a break – but you know how really, really good it’s going to feel when you can say you did it without stopping!

Also: people gave me Haribo half way round. A sport where you’re actively encouraged to eat sweets!? Amazing!

race for life

I’d love to finish this off by saying I’m now signing up for the Cardiff Half Marathon… I do really want to do a half, and it’s something I now feel I’m could do – something I never thought I’d be saying, even a few months ago! But I’d need to consider investing in some better trainers before doing it, which I just can’t afford at the moment.


Oh, and I’d need a new ipod. And some new leggings… and maybe a GPS watch…. Running geek!



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