Sorry it’s been a little quiet this week – I had some much-needed time off, to chill and recharge!

We spent a few days at the boyf’s parents house in Hawarden, near Chester, and just chilllllled. We ate lots of food (read: sweets), got up late, watched all the rubbish awesome daytime telly we don’t get to normally, and just generally enjoyed not being at work!

On the Saturday we were in Liverpool as he had a job interview. I’ve decided I’m not going to spend this summer going into quite as much detail / emotional upheaval regarding the boyf’s career plans – but you can read my posts from last summer to fill yourself in! And talking of emotional upheaval – this was the first and the only time I am ever driving that boy to a job interview. But that’s by the by. And the fault of our dodgy sat nav.

I really like Liverpool; I could see myself there. Well, that’s based on an hour or so milling around in the sunshine and their powerhouse of a John Lewis, but still! I think I’ll be ready for a change of scene soon, so maybe the North West is it?

We also had a bit of a night on the tiles (or cobbles – not easily scaled in the heels I was wearing) in Chester, which was great fun. I really enjoyed a night of bars, rather than clubs – does that make me sound old!? Don’t get me wrong, I can tear up a dancefloor like nobody’s business. But there are some really cool little places to be discovered, and sometimes it’s nice to, you know, be able to hear the people you’re talking to. You can say it, I sound old, I know… We went to one awesome cocktail bar called Cuckoo – the drinks come with things like chewy Refresher bars and Maryland cookies on top! Mine? Fruit. Error. Either that or I don’t look like I need cookies?…

Sunday we went to Hawarden Castle. How’s this for a Secret Garden style doorway?



It was really lovely up there – the kind of place you could stage some open-air Shakespeare (I know! Cultured aren’t I?) Or just go for a nice walk!


I really enjoyed seeing Rob so relaxed too. We don’t spend as much time Up North as we do on my home turf Down South, as his parents still have a lot of friends in Cardiff, so they come here. I kept calling him “Northern Rob”. It’s nice to see someone in their home context, if you see what I mean – I like the idea of seeing what people were like before I knew them.



A much-needed few days – and just a month to go now til our Actual Summer Holiday!! We’re going to Southern Spain for his cousin’s wedding. Our first summer holiday in 3 years! Time off AND sunshine?… now that sounds perfect.


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