Adventures in Baking: Part II

You may remember the baking challenge I was set last week – my dad’s 65th birthday cake! Well… what do you think?

crunchie cake

That’s a devil’s-food-chocolicious-crunchie-cake you’re looking at right there. Ta daa!

This was way better than the other chocolate cake recipe I’ve used (Soz, Mary Berry) – dense and really chocolate-y flavoured, without being too much like fudge cake. I smashed up loads of Crunchie bars and piled them on top as they’re Dad’s fave – I went for 4 bars but there was loads left! However he then got to have smashed up Crunchie pieces for breakfast (it was his birthday, who was going to stop him?!).

I can safely say it went down pretty well! We ended up with a bit of a dessert table going on – this cake, a trifle made by our neighbours, cheese and biscuits and a huge bowl of strawberries with cream. Yes. Please. But I can safely say this one was the fave – I was chuffed đŸ™‚

The book (you can kind of see it in the background) is Mrs T’s, but I really ought to go through and photocopy loads of the recipes! Unless anyone wants to buy me a copy?…

There’s another little baking blog I’ve found called Sunday Baking that has given me my next baking challenge – Jaffa Cake Cupcakes! (I’ve just seen the baker behind it is from Dorset too – good girl!) Chocolate and orange is one of my fave combinations… Conveniently one of the boy’s too. No point in baking something that isn’t going to get eaten up, is there?


2 thoughts on “Adventures in Baking: Part II

  1. Thanks! I just piled some smashed-up Crunchies on top as I wasn’t sure everyone coming liked them, but I think they’d be yummy in the icing in the middle too. Or chocolate cupcakes with honey icing and then Crunchie bits! I’ll have to make it again, what a shame!!

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