Half measures

The boyf ran the Chester Half Marathon yesterday!


Not that you’d know it. He’s fresh as a daisy – not a sore leg muscle in sight! Me on the other hand – I was ready for bed at half 8 last night. Nearly nodded off on the M4. I don’t usually do the driving, but thought I probs should in this case… Cramping up on the motorway’s not ideal.

It’s like I’d run it for him – I did eat most of his goodie bag Haribo on the drive home. I’m calling it a sympathy half!

The atmosphere was fantastic – so many people turned out to watch it! Some great costumes, and everyone had their name printed on their running number so you could cheer them on. The lead runners were pretty intense though – they didn’t appreciate my grins and woops as much as some of the later lot did!

It’s definitely got me thinking though… For the atmosphere alone, I’d love to do it. The first thing I said to Rob when he finished was, “I want to do one”! Got another 10K lined up for June, so I’ll see how that one goes. The Cardiff Half is early October… hmmm!


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