In a spin

You know how the other day I was all fitness-mode, ‘I’m looking for a challenge’…? Well, guess what! I started spinning. Yeah! Me!

The idea of spinning has always slightly terrified me. I was always hugely impressed by anyone who did it, thinking, ‘they must be super fit…’. One of my mates went quite a lot when we were doing our Masters’, but I met any invitation to join her with a trembly head-shake and apprehensive ‘Me?! Nooooo…’, convinced I’d be the one puce-faced in the corner, fighting to keep myself on the bike after the warm up.

But since the 10K I’ve been quite into the whole fitness thing – I genuinely impressed myself with how much I could actually do. So, the other day, I thought I’d give it a try!


I started typing “feeling brave”, then, but that wasn’t even it – I was honestly really quite up for it! And you know what? It was actually really, really fun. And while it was hard, it was hard in the really good workout way – my lungs felt about 3 times the size by the end of it! I’ve been twice since 🙂 .

For the uninitiated, it is pretty random. It’s just cycling, mixing between low-resistance sprints and higher-resistance climbs. With the lights off. To pounding music! I’ve definitely never felt more like a hamster, albeit a hamster trapped in a disco. I had heard horror-stories of mental instructors (not unlike the woman I once dubbed the Aerobics Nazi – bloody hell), who just scream at you as you try not to throw up (nice)… but the guy was really nice! It’s very much go at your own pace. You control how hard or easy it is, and you can definitely fake-move the lever when he shouts “Turn it UPPPPP!”… though I promise I won’t cheat quite so much next time. Maybe. And I want a bike even more now – first Holland, now this! 2013 is turning out to be quite cycle-centric.

Genuinely loved it. I’m One Of Those People now! And I actually kind of love that too…


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