One thing you really don’t understand until you start working is how BRILLIANT bank holidays are. Especially when it’s Easter and you get two! Here’s a little round up of my Easter long weekend – luckily there are no pics of how it started, in the dentist’s getting two fillings. Booo. Or of my frozen face afterwards, which the boyf told me was ‘how I imagine you would look if you had botox’. Good times!

Dentist aside, lots of sleeping, lots of family, lots of friends. A truly egg-cellent (sorry) four days 🙂

Starting with… a family tradition, chocolate cornflake cakes!


We’ve had these ducks for about 20 years – as long as I can remember, anyway. Sadly, there was a horrible accent!


Another tradition – the infamous Easter treasure hunt. Not an egg hunt, oh no. This one involves teams, driving around Bournemouth, with clues to answer and directions to follow. The final destination (only discovered if you get all the questions right!) is where we have Easter lunch! Yeah, my mum might have a bit too much time on her hands… but we love her for it.


Modelling our prizes! (My brother and his girlfriend were a bit more camera shy…)


Rob survived his treasure hunt initiation pretty well 🙂


Followed by an inordinate amount of this…


… and some Bank Holiday wines with the ladies! Is there anything better than dinner, wine and good friends? If it’s followed by cocktails and impromptu sleepovers (and breakfast, bonus) then yes, yes there is.


Back to Cardiff for Easter itself, we cooked a rather epic roast (lamb, parsnips, leeks, gravy… yummm) and walked it off round Roath Lake. A few more Bank Holiday wines with the Stanways that evening – and please don’t let the lack of photos lead you to believe it turned lairy (though those two have previous!). Very well behaved!


Very happy days. Really nice to have a Bank Holiday with Rob, too, as it was our first one really. And seeing as Christmas was a bit… hectic, shall we say (!), it was nice to have Easter to ourselves!

Next long weekend is May, right?…


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