Mummy love

For everyone not in Holland (as Rob found out the hard way), today is Mother’s Day 🙂

We did a mini-Mother’s Day last weekend when Mum was here for the run. I gave her some daffodil tea lights from Laura Ashley, which I kind of hope she doesn’t actually light because they were super pretty… ! Just had a lovely long chat with her (and various other family members who happened to walk into the kitchen while I was on the phone). The boys didn’t forget – I did remind them twice – and all managed to get her the exact same chocolates without conferring. Great minds!

My mum is the best. I know everyone’s mum is the best, but I would honestly be lost without my Mummy T. She is absolutely always there for me, and as I’ve got older I like that I look after her a little bit too. She’s bloody hilarious as well, that helps.

As I get older, and have to start dealing with things like credit cards,and how on earth mortgages work, she’s still the only person I want to ask for advice. Even when I don’t even know what’s wrong she knows just what to say. If I can be a fraction of as good a mother, I’ll be happy!

Happy Mother’s Day Mrs T, you little legend 🙂



I’ve spent this weekend with two of my besties, planning weddings, eating crisps, drinking cocktails, drinking tea… perfect stuff. And – this was the last weekend I have to spend sans Rob! I’m in Holland next weekend, and the one after that he comes home.

Now, is there such a thing as a “Welcome Home” cake?….


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