1 hour, 10 mins and 56 seconds… 10K – done!!


And you know what? It was actually really good fun! I didn’t stop smiling the whole way round. Especially just after 2K, when a woman in front of me lost one of her trainers… Very funny!

I really thought I’d find it a lot harder than I did. But once I got to 7K, the distance I knew I could do, I was just pleased that whatever else I did was further than I’d ever run before. Then by the time I got to 8K, I just thought, well you’re pretty much there now!

Really pleased I did it without stopping, and didn’t let people whooshing past me (boo) put me off. Genuinely thought I was quite near the back at one point, but I don’t think I actually was…

I was very chuffed with the time, too! And it’s good because it’s not too far off an hour… so that’s what to aim for for the next one 😉 Race for Life’s on 22nd June this year… Just in time for pre-Spain bikini body blitzing!? There is also talk in the office of – I kid you not – a fancy dress mini triathlon in September. Yeah. I know. We’ll see!…

Mum took for me a deeeeelicious slap up Sunday roast at The Old Cottage afterwards, including chocolate-dipping-mini-donuts for pudding… Mmmm. I do not intend to move from the sofa for the rest of the evening!!


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