Race day nerves!

This time tomorrow… it’ll all be over!!

Well I hope so anyway. It starts at 12!

Swinging between nervous and really, really up for it. I did the 5K in 35 minutes, but I think that was a bit of a fluke. Plus I was running with Rob and imagine keeping up with his ridiculously long legs had a bit to do with it. So I’m aiming for an hour and a half… and hoping to surprise myself. I just hope I’ve done enough! I did 7K in an hour last weekend and felt pretty awesome afterwards, but haven’t done too much else this week. Work’s been a bit mad recently and I was worried about getting over-excited and tiring myself out! Talking to my manager at work (who’s done a few half marathons), apparently it’s good to save up a bit of anticipation…

Currently waiting for Mrs T (my mum), a.k.a my Head Cheerleader to get here, then the plan for the rest of the day is Coffee #1 and pasta for dinner. Wish me luck!!



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