Running lessons

This is the start of the fifth week of 10K training – and from here on in it gets hard! :-S

Having a training plan – I just googled “10K training for beginners” – is really helpful. When it’s just me, I don’t know how far to run exactly, or how often, but this does the deciding for you. It also keeps you motivated – instead of thinking ahh I won’t go tonight… I plan at the start of the week which nights I’ll go running. Plus, I remind myself that if I miss one I’ll not only have more to do the next night, but I might not be race ready on the day! I know it’s not the furthest distance ever, but for me it’s a challenge – and I want to make sure I’m up to that challenge.

Did just under 5K this evening, and have a smaller one on Thursday and then Saturday is Big Run Day. When I was at home at the weekend I ran from my beach hut to Boscombe Pier, and back again, without stopping. It’s just over 4 miles – and the first time I did it I had to stop almost every 10 minutes. Boom!

All the training is also teaching me some valuable lessons. So – things running has taught me (so far!) :

1) There is no wall you can hit that Beyonce can’t help you break through. Seriously. When it comes to running there is no such thing as too much Beyonce.

2) That being said, my ipod REALLY needs updating. Diana Vickers? Really?

3) You can always, always, always, do more than you think you can. And once you know that, it’s always a lot easier! I’ve been feeling a bit cold-y today but knew I would feel proud of myself for doing it anyway. Running’s not fun until I’m about 2km in, and forget I’m running…

4) If you’re tired, don’t stop, just go slower. I swear 50% of the effort is mental – stopping yourself from stopping!

5) STREETTTCCCHHH. Oh my goodness, stretch! It was the first tip my half-marathon-smashing friend gave me and I’m seeing why. Not stretching enough after hat run on the beach did my calf some mischief, leaving me with a nice pirate limp for a few days.

I’m bang on half way to my fundraising target (for Bliss, remember?) and am actually already planning my next one (Race for Life in the summer). Oh yes – I’ve become One Of Those People. I am “A Runner”!


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