Snow day!

Snow day!


I’ve never seen snow like this. I heard rain when I woke up in the night, which my inner sceptic took as confirmation that Everyone Needed To Calm Down. It’s a massive bummer, as it means our uni reunion this weekend has been snowed off :-(! I’m kind of stuck within walking distance for the next 24 hours at least.

But it’s not all bad. I’m not at work for one thing! Took me half an hour to walk there in this morning’s blizzard (usually it’s 10 minutes) only to find the people in the office upstairs had deadlocked the door, and I don’t have the key! At least I tried…. Instead, I have been for a walk, made a snow-mini-man (my hands got too cold to finish him properly), and ironed, tidied, cleaned and hoovered. Apparently snow days bring out my inner housewife!



Being from the tropical south, I’ve never had a proper snow day before. So, for any other snow newbies – some lessons!

On snow days:

1) Wellies become workwear.

2) 24 is probably too old to make snow angels.

3) There is no such thing as enough tea.

4) Icing-sugar snow that nobody else has walked on yet is beautiful ❤

5)… and stomping through it yourself is awesome!


6) There is also much less competition for Waitrose bargains!


I’ve got a blanket, some box sets and a book to read, and feel less bad about cwtching up for the rest of the afternoon now that I’ve been for a walk! If anyone wants to come over, please bring hot chocolate. And Scrabble.

Please stay safe out there – don’t drive if you don’t have to, and stay warm. Which reminds me, time to put the kettle on again…


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