Just Be

I am obsessed with this song.


I think I listened to this on repeat for about an hour on the drive back after Christmas, and every so often I wake up in the night with it in my head. It wasn’t the easiest Christmas at home for a lot of reasons. Families, relationships, they’re funny things. I was going over and over in my mind the whole difference between what you think your family are like and what you tell yourself your family are like… and what your family are like, and loving them anyway. I’d wanted this album for a little while and the first time this track played I was sat on my sofa in my bedroom, wondering how to – and whether I should –  make next Christmas different. The hairs-on-your-neck feeling where a song kind of speaks back to you and explains how you’re feeling is yes, corny, but at the same time incredibly powerful. It’s comforting to be told you’re not the first one to think that way, and sometimes it’s just the way things are. That in itself can also give you hope. Initially it made me sad to think that that is just inevitable, “how things are”. That after however many years, you’re bound to end up disliking the person you love the most. But I’ve decided after many listens to take it as a challenge. Yes, it happens to some people, and it’s not the end of the world. But it’s not the way things have to be.


❤ .


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