Things to make you feel better

So. Your boyfriend moves abroad for 3 months and you suddenly find yourself home alone. What to do to cheer yourself up?

Well. Dealing with an overflowing toilet, in a dark bathroom as the lightbulb’s gone (and you can’t work out how to take the light fitting off) for two hours while on the phone to an emergency plumber (who can’t find your house as it’s not coming up on his sat nav)… is what NOT to do. Which is why I’m writing this post. The next few months are all about positive thinking. So I’m not thinking about what a horrendous afternoon I’ve had.

1. Eat some cheerios.

I love to eat cereal. Any kind, any time. I don’t know why – and I definitely know that now Rob is not here to make sure I eat proper (read: normal) dinners, I am not allowed to indulge myself every day. But seeing as I can’t have a hug, I am having Cheerios for tea! Hurrah.


2. Register for a 10K

Yep, I’m doing it! 8 weeks today. Eek. Am scared but excited. I know I’ll feel so good crossing that line. Also makes me feel less bad about eating Cheerios for tea.

3. Look at old photos.

We finally got round to putting some photos up in the flat, and I also bought 2 frames today. One for an old poster I bought when I was in Paris for me 21st, 3 years ago (!), and one for a print of Monet’s Water Lillies that I bought from the National Gallery last time I was in London. There is nothing quite as good as old photos. We have soo many, from travelling and from uni and from sixth form… They all bring back so many memories. And you can have a good laugh at how young and ridiculous you looked!


4. Watch stupid animal videos on Youtube.

Like this. Just watch it, and try not to laugh.

5. Hang out with your mum.

Or your dad, or your brother, or your sister, bessie mate, whoever. Just spend a bit of time curled up on a sofa with a cup of tea and someone you love. Mum came up for the weekend and I was really glad she did. I was really low when I dropped Rob off at the airport (despite getting a wolf whistle off the Cardiff Blues team!), so much so I forgot to pay for the parking before driving up to the barrier and then took a wrong turning off a roundabout and nearly made it to Newport. In the week I wasn’t sure if I’d rather just be on my own – dealing with toilet overflows aside, I quite enjoy having my own space to an extent. But we had a really lovely weekend; lunch in the arcades, coffee in John Lewis, and M&S ready meals on the sofa with Peter Pan. This morning we got the duvet on the sofa and had a cup of tea with Radio 2 on. It was like an old school sleepover!


Overflowing toilet or not, sometimes all you need is your mum. First solo homeowner crisis over. Time for some Cheerios.


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