Happy New Year!

Well! 2012. It’s been a funny old year. Some highs, and some serious lows – but definitely not boring. I’m off out to ring in 2013 with my best mates at my friend’s flat in a bit, but while driving the boy back to Salisbury station earlier we picked our best bits of the year, and I wanted to preserve them for posterity. If a blog can be considered that! I was a pen and paper girl not long ago… Though I have got “buy a notebook” on my To Do While Rob’s In Holland list, for reasons I will explain later.

1. Absolute top moment of 2012 – going to the Paralympics. To be precise, two bits of the day are tied – walking into the Olympic Stadium with Coldplay’s “Paradise” playing… I can feel my spine tingling again just thinking about it! And, oh yeah, we held a gold medal. Amazing.


2. Casually walking down the road with the boy to get sweets, secretly a bit annoyed with him for being late, when he just drops into conversation that he’s been offered a job and would I like to move in with him? Erm… Yes! I had been so stressed about where I was going to live post-June – though I realised as I was driving today, I hadn’t done anything about it, clearly some part of me was waiting to get a definite “no” from him. We ended up moving not once but twice, in the end – probably a low of the year, but exacerbated more by the bad timing than the fact itself. If I’m honest, this summer wasn’t great – but we got through it. What doesn’t kill you – even when it leaves you lower than you thought you could go – makes you stronger. I’m not looking forward to more of the same this summer, but I’m enjoying becoming the domestic goddess I was born to be, and we’ve got contingency plans (aka a holiday!) in the pipeline…


3. Another soppy one I’m afraid.  My boyfriend passed the bar this year. Watching him put his wig and gown on, after everything I had watched him go through (and knowing, thanks to this summer’s education, that this is by no means the end), I have never been more proud. ❤


4. Dancing up and down Temple Bar in Dublin! And getting photographed by Japanese tourists, who thought we were part of some kind of folk show. That whole evening was kind of awesome. Just one of those evenings where you feel part of something, where an atmosphere picks you up and links you to a whole bunch of strangers. I’ve said before that it’s amazing what music can do. And busting a spontaneous groove the way we did just felt awesome – it just felt like shaking a lot off, feeling free-wheeling and free. Good times. Galway Bay was beautiful too, and I’m glad I’ve been somewhere lesser known. Being able to recommend places makes me feel more like a real traveller.


5. I suppose one of these should be work related, as my first year in the job! I signed on the line as a full time, official employee in February, and was caught off guard by a genuinely lovely, constructive and helpful appraisal in August. I’ve grown and I’ve learnt loads, developed a serious addiction to Twitter and been converted to herbal tea (apple and ginger especially). I flippin’ love it.


I don’t really make resolutions any more. Instead I like to pick a few things that I’d like to do in the next year – then I can tick off my acheivements! So, things I’d like to do in 2013:

– Run a 10K

I got quite into running this year and managed a 5K without toooooo much hassle… so maybe if I’m brave enough, a 10K’s on the cards!? I’d be doing it by myself this time (unless you want to get involved!?) as it’s when Rob will be in Holland but… I know I’d feel awesome at the finish line.

– Make a carrot cake

I like to keep things simple! 2012 has been my Intro To Baking year – I now own a cooling rack, mixing bowl *and* a rolling pin. And many cookbooks. I know! Carrot cake is something my mum is quite famous for, so I’d like to give it a whirl. Then when I make it years from now, I can say, “this is my mum’s recipe….”.

– Do some writing

One of the best things I did this Christmas was our family reunion yesterday. 21 of us Taylors, Berrisfords and Hobbs’s met up for a curry (random choice of food, I know), some of whom I literally haven’t seen since the age of about 6. One of those being my cousin James, who lives in France and renovates houses while … writing a novel. A writer! Someone else in my family writes! This was a pretty cool moment for me. I’ve always kind of wondered where I got it from – it was nice to see the gene has manifested somewhere else along the line too. I felt quite inspired talking to him about it. He actually used the sentence, “I’ve got a 42 point story arc”… I want to use sentences like that!  It’s time to buy me a notebook and get scribbling.

Set a date… for travelling 🙂

I’ve got good vibes about this year. You know when you just get The Feeling…? Flipflops at the ready. And travel diary, of course.

Happy New Year to you all! xx


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