A Year in PR: What I’ve learnt

December marked a bit of an anniversary for me – 1 year in my job!


Those of you who’ve followed this blog from the start may remember may anxious posts in the run up to starting, and the first few weeks I was here, as I started to find my feet. Thinking back on the past year, and who I was and how I was when I started, I’ve come a long way. I thought it would be a good time to make a note of some of the things I’ve learnt…

1) Be prepared.

Take notes. Read things through. Be ready. Meetings used to really scare me – but knowing exactly what’s going on, thinking through potential outcomes and preparing for what you may be called upon for really, really help. As does generally keeping on top of things. I thought I was organised before – now I see how important that is! Especially in an agency like ours, where we work across such a variety of clients simultaneously. Without the humble post-it note, the PR world could very well grind to a halt.


2) Be confident in your own work.

We regularly take on work experience students here, and I’ll admit, in the beginning, this unnerved me a little bit. I hadn’t been in the job long myself – what if one of them is better than me? But this taught me that if you work to the best of your abilities, and have pride in doing so, you have no cause to feel threatened. Work hard, and aim to produce work you’re proud of.

3) Don’t be proud.

One thing has particularly struck me this year: teamwork. Although taking on a project and completing it well is a sure-fire way to make you feel AWESOME – don’t try and do it all alone. When you need help, ask for help – use your team. Our office is very team-focussed, and we really enjoy working together to bounce ideas around. This also encourages you to…

4) Have ideas.

When we’re having our team bounce-arounds (often accompanied by cupcakes of some variety!) I find myself wanting to have something really good to contribute. Be passionate – don’t just sit and think “oh, I wish I’d thought of that.” Think outside the box, and don’t be scared to voice your ideas.


5) Record what you’ve done.

Not only for client timesheets! It’s a great way to see how far you’ve come – and recording things will help you when you start thinking about moving on. Think – what have you done that you can talk about in your next job interview? And finally…

6) Enjoy it.

I’m well aware that my agency isn’t the biggest in the world or the busiest in the world, and I’m lucky that our clients are fantastic to work with and I pretty much always finish on time. I’m also aware that the next place I work might not be like this! But I love the variety and that I get to write every day, and it’s still exciting to see my release in print. Make sure you take time to enjoy what you’re doing.

Me on a client visit earlier this year - not your average day at the office!

Me on a client visit earlier this year – not your average day at the office!

So, a few lessons. It’s been a pretty good year 🙂 here’s to the next 12 months!



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