Good causes

Well, it’s December, and I’ll admit it – my NaNoWriMo attempt kind of failed. I don’t think I’ve notched up much more than a pretty pitiful 2000 words. But – it’s not a total failure. It’s been really good to write again, and get that creative side of me down from the loft and dusted off. It’s also shown me just how much time, effort, dedication and above all research goes in to writing a great story. I always thought that inventing my own world would be the easier option, as you don’t have to research it because you made it up. But this was where my initial story idea hit a wall, as there was so much to think through – when you set something in your own world, you have to create, understand and hold that whole world in your head. Serious effort. I’m not sure my brain’s even got enough space. (Also added another couple of points to my personal tally of respect for JK Rowling!).

I also realised that the more you write, the more writing comes to you. Using words encourages words to flow back into your brain, sharpens your skills of analysis and explanation. I’ve found myself much more eloquent a conversationist, now that I’m trying to be an author again.

And it’s one more silver lining in the cloud that is living alone from January to March, when the boy is in Holland. He’s got accommodation sorted now, by the way, and I think we’re both feeling a bit more positive about it – I’m planning little Projects to do while he’s gone, one of which is to really sit down with this story and wrestle it out of me. Others include putting the two bags of clothes I’ve been storing since this summer on to ebay, get about a million photos developed so our flat feels less of a blank canvas, and teach myself how to make bunting, sans sewing machine.

And while NaNoWriMo might have bitten the dust, I’m not going to be entirely devoid of good causes before the year is out! Check out what I got in the post this morning:


Look at that beard. Incredible.

I’ve got pretty into running this year, and kind of regretted not getting my bum in gear for the 10K that Rob did in September. But having been bitten by the training bug, I really really wanted a run under my belt by the end of the year – so I’ve signed up to the British Heart Foundation’s 5K Santa Jog this Sunday!

I’m really looking forward to it, though need to make sure I do some training for it this week. I’m sure I’d make it round without dying, but I’d like to do it in a semi-respectable time!

Oh – and Rob’s doing it with me. Did I mention the suits are one-size-fits-all…!?


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