Ingredients for a great weekend

I am having a rather lovely weekend. We’ve ticked off quite a few of the pre-requisite “cracking weekend” activites – after much research, I have discovered that the best weekends contain a few key ingredients… a special occasion (Rob’s third – yes, third – graduation ceremony yesterday), a dinner you’re still thinking about 48hours later (this time featuring the best sticky toffee pudding of. my. LIFE.); a Saturday night out with awesome friends, and so much dancing that your legs are sore the next day (and, preferably, Revs de Cuba’s infamous teapot cocktails)…

Then Sunday lie-ins with the papers, a walk in the park, cake and coffee (or a pot of Earl Grey) at Coffee #1, a Cardiff institution, and browsing little independent shops for pressies on Wellfield Road.

I’m really quite proud of this picture!

And… (say it quietly)… a little bit of Christmas, too. Just the tiniest, mini-est, beginning-est leaning towards Christmas…. Okay, okay, that’s a lie – we bought our tree last week. I’m not even ashamed – I love this time of year. And it’s actually only 5 weeks to go, so it’s now kind of acceptable to be publicly excited about it! As opposed to inwardly, as I have been kind of since my birthday at the end of October. Cards, tree, and two out of however many presents sorted – tick, tick tick.

This time of year just has something in the air – there’s so much to look forward to, so much more like this weekend! More friends, more family, more fun. And, of course, it’s our first Christmas in the flat – so not only do we get to look forward to all our normal traditions, we get to start our own, too. Continuing from our student days, we’ll go ice skating at Winter Wonderland and dance around the kitchen to my bumper Now That’s What I Call Christmas CD. I cannot *wait* to buy our own Christmas decorations (Rob’s put a blanket ban on the seasonal aisle for the time being), giving our little flat our own Christmas feel, and we’re going to cook a mini-Christmas dinner on our last evening before we each head home. I’m even going to make my own mince pies 🙂

Everyone has their own signalfor “when it’s OK to start getting excited about Christmas” – and I had mine the other night, ie. seeing the Coca Cola Christmas advert for the first time! So it’s time, people – allow it… Holidays are coming, holidays are coming…


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