Mission accomplished

Things have been pretty stressful recently, and we’ve been in serious need of time to just chill. Luckily, this weekend was the first one in a l-o-n-g time where we had a grand total of nothing to do. Well, we had things to do, but nothing involving get up at this time, be here by this time, get back at this time… Don’t get me wrong, for people who have ended up having to move (for the second time in 3 months) instead of going on holiday (long story), we have most definitely made the most of our summer! In the past 8 weeks we have been to Newcastle, Taunton, Bournemouth and the Olympic Park, as well has having friends to stay. But it was kind of nice to have nothing to rush for!

We had a lie in, a picnic in the park, abandoned a food shop because we were so chilled out we couldn’t cope with Tescos… Admittedly the boy did run the Cardiff 10K on Sunday morning, but I continued the laid back vibe by sitting in the sun on a picnic blanket at the half way point. All in the name of race day support, of course! Though his attempts to hide from the paps of the South Wales Echo failed (that’s him in the red)…

It was a wicked atmosphere, with about 3000 runners altogether. He did really well, finishing in just over 45 minutes! Very proud. I would have loved to have done it myself but just couldn’t fit that kind of training in. Not with our chockablock weekends!! However post-race we returned to Bute Park, this time with books (I’m well and truly stuck in to Kate Mosse’s Labyrinth, which I hugely recommend, and have convinced the boy to give Atonement a try), discovered a new cafe there called The Secret Garden, then devoured a well-earnt Sunday roast (what? Race day support is tiring!) at Buffalo bar. Which I can also hugely recommend! Especially when followed by ice cream sandwiches.

Look at that concentration.

Glad we recharged over the weekend, though, as this week is looking mental. It was the first Breakfast Club of the autumn this morning (5.30am start… ouch. Though I did get to see the sun coming up over the Bay, and spot Gareth Bale loitering in the hotel foyer), and tomorrow and Wednesday are meetings-a-gogo. Wednesday should be interesting, actually, as we’re interviewing for a new intern… Yep, that was me just 8 months ago! Shortlisting the applicants was a strange experience, seeing as I was the other side of the application form so recently. But I kind of rose to it – I felt confident doing it. I’ve got a blog about it to come, but I didn’t think it’d be right to say too much before we’ve chosen them!

Right. Labyrinth and New Girl are calling. And then an early night!


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