Summer stay-cation

Sorry it’s been a little quiet on the Western (aka bloggage) front of late! I’ve just come back to reality from a lovely week off work. Being tres 2012, I did what all the cool kids are doing and had a staycation. Also known as, I don’t really have any money and my boyfriend had to work, so I just went home for a few days. But they were a fun few days! What did I get up to? Well…

I ran along this:

(Solid 5K by the way, thanks, I’m proud)

So I felt less guilty about this the day before:

Pistachio cupcakes. Oh. Yeah.

Hit the town with these:

Went out to buy milk but came home with these (woops):

(Finished The Other Boleyn Girl in about 18 hours… I can’t recommend it enough!)

Got a present:

In preparation for this:

Saw this on the way home:

Then found out that one of my very best friends had gone on holiday with her boyfriend, and he asked her this 🙂

Probably not underwater, but cool picture right?

So when I see her next weekend, I will be grilling her on when we get to do this!

The pistachio icing on a friend-filled, food-filled, fun-filled week off!


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