Girl did good

I did it!

I graduated! Well… I graduated again!

Wednesday was such a good day. One of those day where it doesn’t really sink in until after it’s all happened! It rained, I forgot to eat lunch, and I lost my parents for a good half an hour in the middle of it, but it was just brilliant. I love those moments when you just feel … happy. All I remember about being on stage was just smiling like a loon. But sometimes when you’re that happy, you’ve just got to let it out.

Then chuck your hat in the air.


So there we are. My love affair with education has ended – for now at least. I don’t know if it was just rose tinted glasses but I kind of missed it. Learning stuff. Linguistics stuff. It’s nice to know when you’ve found your passion.

I really like working, I love my job and I love where I’ve got to since Thesis Hand In Day. I can kind of start to see My Career in front of me now, and maybe stepping off the ladder into more education would be a step backwards. I’m too excited about PR for now. So I don’t think PhD is for me but… maybe something else, in the future.

Congratulations to everyone who graduated this week – I hope you and your loved ones had as happy, rainy, smiley a day as I did.


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