Nearly time :-)

Parents en route. Hair grips / safety pins sourced. And the lovely lot from work even got me a card 🙂

Yep, 2 years after Round 1, and 10 months after gleefully handing in my thesis (“Seriously. Take it. Just take it away from me.”)… this time tomorrow I will be Sally Taylor, BA (Hons), MA.

It’s all about the letters, people.

It’s also the best part of a year since I started this blog, which got me thinking. What I Did Next was started to document how horrible, hard and heartbreaking graduate job hunting really is these days. Uni gets you ready for the moment I’m going to be re-experiencing tomorrow afternoon, at 2.15pm – but once you’ve graduated, it’s on you. And it can feel like you’ve lost a support network. I certainly remember feeling incredibly lost. And frustrated at how different “Graduate Life” was from the image of it that I had had.

But a year has made a huge difference. Despite a good few months of struggling to find My Graduate Life (and during which I was at least getting paid, which not everyone can say)… it would appear that I’ve found it. I’m in the city I wanted to be in, and most unexpectedly, the industry I wanted too.  I’m working for a warm and brilliant little company, I’m learning every day and … I’m happy. Even Rob is on track. I haven’t pinched myself for a little while about that – I guess impending grad-dom is giving me cause to reflect.

I think sometimes we can be scared to do that – to reflect. We worry that it will be seen as boasting, or that we’re asking for trouble, tempting fate. But it’s important to think about how far we’ve come and the things we’ve acheived, and to celebrate them, rather than constantly asking for more or wishing for better. I’m not in a huge London agency, I’m not earning my fortune, I’m still not sure if I’ll ever get to go travelling again. But for now that’s OK. Sometimes it’s OK to just kind of think… Things are pretty good right now. Because they are 🙂

I don’t want to sound like I’m boasting – “Oh, graduate life is really hard these days and I’ve done OK, bla bla bla…”. That’s never what this was about – I was genuinely shocked when things started to turn around for me, just before Christmas. And since then I’ve wanted to use this blog as a place to show people that yeah, it’s hard, it’s probably not going to be how you thought, and you don’t know how long it’ll take you but… things work out. I have plenty of friends who graduated when I did who now have jobs. And not just plate serving, shelf stacking… they have Jobs. It is possible. It does happen. If you put the effort in and  work hard, and never just think “This is too hard, I give up”, you can get there.

And in the meantime, don’t get down. I wasted a lot of time being sad this year. Don’t give up on what you want most, but don’t let the not-having-it-yet make you miserable now. It may not be the life you want yet, but it’s still your life.

Right, I’ll stop the cheese. Congrats to everyone graduating this summer – for the first time, second time, old, young… you did it, and you deserve that well done. Enjoy it.


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