The good life

Got the flat to myself tonight.

Ahhh yeah.

Rob’s gone home as he has a round two interview in Liverpool tomorrow. It’s a bit weird… I think it’ll be weirder when I’m off to bed. Though you know me, I may be small but I have been nicknamed “The Starfish” for the way I sleep. And now I won’t be annoying anyone! I guess I’d still rather have him here though! People have been asking me how it’s been living with him, and if anything it’s been weird because it hasn’t been weird. If that makes any sense. The first couple of nights we were here, I’m not going to lie, I was a little bit freaked out, but that was more because of the flat rather than because of living with Rob. I’ve said before… it’s pretty nice. A bit too nice maybe! But while I still live in fear of spilling my hot chocolate on the (brand new white) carpet, I really, really love living here, and living with the boy.

Life’s pretty good at the moment. It’s probably tempting fate to say so, but… I’m pretty happy! We had an awesome weekend, which has set the bar for a fair amount of things happening over the next couple of weeks!

Saturday evening started with our first proper dinner party in the flat. Some good friends, a cracking Thai Green Curry (if I do say so myself), and my home made ice cream worked for the first time ever! It’s nice to have Tom and Beth around – particularly like having another girl about! Post-dinner pub trip escalated rather magnificently, however, and the evening ended like this:

Teapot cocktails! Nice.

Oh and this, but we won’t mention too much about this:

I love spontaneous nights out. They’re probably even better than the planned ones. Especially when you come home with the best hat ever.

There are some pretty exciting plans this week though! The next 48 hours are going to be awesome. My parents are coming up tomorrow night, I have a new dress to wear for dinner (and it’s gorgeous), the boyf is meeting us for drinks off the train… oh and I finally, finally get my MA on Wednesday! Graduation round 2 🙂 It better not rain!

So excited. I wasn’t that fussed about my undergrad-grad in the lead up to it. It was only really when I shook the VC’s hand and he said “Congratulations” that I was like “Oh! This is pretty cool!”. But this team I know what to expect. It sounds cheesey, and you wouldn’t think it would happen what with 300 other people in your ceremony, but it really is a pretty special moment. I felt like I’d genuinely acheived something. I remember thinking how cool the MAs looked with their swanky blue robes. And now I’m one of them!

Can’t wait to see Shelley. Last year we laughed, we cried, we transcribed… we ate cereal and talked about puppies. And can’t wait to see Mum and Dad too. We hardly ever do things the three of us. I’m so glad they’re coming.


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