The last night

It’s weird to think this is my last night in this house. It’s even weirder to think this is my last night sleeping alone for the forseeable future. I guess that’s what happens when you move with with someone!

My Cardiff student life is coming to an end. My last day in Cathays. I should probably have done more than sit on the sofa and watch Wimbledon, but I’ve spent the past couple of days off work ill. Woke up yesterday at 5am with some nasty stomach pains, and its taken me til now to gather any energy together. Which means I may not have packed yet.

However I have still managed to amass this little pile:

“It’s fine, I don’t have much stuff”…. Whatever.

So excited to see the flat. Obviously when we went to view it there was all the owner’s stuff in it, so I’m looking forward to seeing it a bit more blank, so we can make it our own 🙂 It’s a bit weird, a bit scary, but exciting… It’s going to be a bit of a change, but you know what? We’ve been together a long time now, and we’re both done with the whole student living thing – it’s time for something new.

I am, of course, planning for the usual “girl concerns”… 23 years of being quietly obsessed with magazines has taught me that shacking up = piling on ze pounds. Hmmm. Not a fan of that. However the more rational side of me looks to girlfriends of mine who have moved in with their boyfriends… none of whom are suddenly 2 stone heavier.

And I’m not gonna lie, right now I could definitely enjoy being in a house that had chocolate in it.

This week’s been funny, we’ve hardly seen each other as I’ve been ill and he’s been prepping for interview. But we’re both like, it’s not like it matters, we’ll see each other all the time soon.

Ahhhh can’t wait 🙂

I’ve really loved this little house. And I’ve lived in a fair few places now since I moved here. But considering none of us really knew each other when we moved in, and the almost rotating line up of fourth housemates (Darryl, Sarah, Gaz then finally Dan)… it couldn’t really have worked out much better! I’m especially going to miss Emily. She gave me a mixing bowl last night – my very own “proper one”, it’s beautiful! Bright red ceramic, all homely and thick, with “Let them eat cake” embossed round the sides. I’ve been in awe of her cakes all year, and have made her promise that when she’s next back in Cardiff she has to come over so I can make her a cake. I really really hope we keep in touch – you can always say “I’m sure we will” but if uni and moving has taught me anything it’s that you never can be sure. There’s girls from uni I loved to pieces, and still do, but more for the times we had. Some people you do just come to accept that they were amazing parts of your life for that period of time, and then you end up going your separate ways. Then again there are some girls that I know in my heart of hearts are always, always going to be in my life. So I really, truly hope Emily is in the second category!

One day we’ll both make it to London and laugh about this year, all the DVDs watched, pick and mixes eaten, ridiculous (and frankly unrepeatable) quotes on the quote board… rants about our mums, planning out our lives from the sofa with hot chocolate in hand and Don’t Tell The Bride in the background.

Bye bye house, hello flat. It’s been fun


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