So, erm…

Well this is just embarassing.

23rd of June I wrote about how I was standing still.

24th of June… we kind of signed for a flat.

We’re moving in on Saturday.


I’m not sure I can take much more of this. As soon as I get so frustrated with that I give up… things suddenly get rolling. And way, way quicker than we ever thought!!

The flat is beautiful and I cannot wait to live there. It’s 10 minutes from work (and from Waitrose – result), we can afford to save for travelling… and more importantly, it’s ours.

Rob (of course) has an interview in London on Moving Day… (I’ll say it again girls, dating a barrister can be hard), but he’ll be back in time for tea. And unpacking. Though hopefully not in time for the hilarity that is my mother behind the wheel of a transit van (any excuse).

Hurrah 🙂


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