This just goes to show, yet again, that my mother is usually right. Why is it that, as soon as you decide to stop wanting something… you quite often, quite quickly, get it? This is definitely not the first time in my life that this has happened… yet I still never see it coming.

NOT that I’m complaining, of course!

Good news then people… the boyf got a job!

Yep, as soon as we decided not to worry about it all, not to plan… typical. Yaaaay!

It hasn’t really sunk in yet – well it has for him, he is rather excited about just Having A Job, aka, Not Studying Any More. And it’s pretty much exactly what he wanted to get! He starts a week on Monday… and we start looking at flats a week today!! I’m excited – a bit scared but excited 🙂 Can’t wait to live with him. And get our mates round for a flatwarming party!!

We haven’t even really had time to celebrate, what with him finishing up with exams and then going away for a few days for barrister interviews. The day he actually told me my attempt at celebrating was a bit poor, to be honest, I’m not proud. Though in my defence he did completely spring it on me! We went to the pub but I had no money on me to even buy him a drink… plus I was suffering from combined effects of a cold and a bruised rib. Not condusive to Party Time. But we will hopefully soon have a flat to celebrate too… Double Party Time!

My best mate from uni was down over the Bank Holiday (more on Jubilee shenanigans in a minute) and gave me some good flathunting advice, and it’s been good to talk it through with someone who’s done it. Also talking it through enough times will hopefully make it seem less scary and grown up. I do feel very much like a grown up now (although saying “grown up” definitely makes me sound like a child)… but I also feel ready for it. It’s like I said ages ago, about how you don’t often realise you’re ready for something until it just … happens.

So with flatwarmings on the cards this summer is shaping up to be even more brilliant than I first thought! And we aren’t even going on holiday (definitely not, now things like agency fees and how-much-are-microwaves-anyway are likely) but I really don’t mind. We’ve just had the extra long Bank Holiday weekend for the Diamond Jubilee, and coming up is the Olympics and the Paralympics

I honestly wasn’t expecting to be that bothered about the Jubilee. But I often find it’s nicer to discover yourself touched by something you weren’t expecting to be – like on some kind of meta level. I didn’t think I’d be that moved by my graduation, but I’ll never forget it – and I’ll never forget the “Oh! This is actually pretty cool!” feeling, either. Likewise, I was only intending to watch the jubilee coverage out of my absolute certainty that Kate Middleton and I could definitely be friends interest, but found myself really quite loving it. I know this country has its problems. Especially nowadays. And while I don’t think I’m political enough to say I’m a republican, I’m no fervent royalist either.

I like the Royals because… well, they’re part of the fabric of Britain. They are living links to a truly rich history. And they’re also people – I love how we always try to see the “normal” in our Royals, trying to relate their lives, which are so truly extraordinary, to our own. We all went bonkers over the Royal Wedding, but mostly because at the heart of it were two people who everyone could see really, really love each other. Something by no means exclusive to Royals – indeed, something usually only the freedom of the ordinary, to marry for love. When the Queen appeared on the balcony for yesterday’s flypast, all I could think was, she must be so lonely without Phillip there. Like my mum would be, at a party thrown for her but without my dad. Yet she smiled, she waved, she genuinely looked like she was enjoying it. She has no opportunity to let that facade drop, for so many reasons she must never let it slip for even a second – I suspect even behind closed doors. How can that not be fascinating?

And say what you will about our country – yes, there’s problems and there’s riots and nobody gets along any more, but if something can bring a quarter of a million people of all ages, races, classes, backgrounds, out on to the streets of London, singing and flag-waving and above all, smiling… can that be such a bad thing? Don’t look at the reasons around it – that isn’t the point. I doubt all of those people on the Mall on Monday night would describe themselves as Royalists, but they were all having a really lovely, memorable, sociable time.  Whatever your personal opinions, your day to day beliefs, it’s good to know that something can transcend that. Even if it is just for the weekend.


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