Running wild

Just ran round Roath Lake. Feel AWESOME now!

For those of you who know me, I am not a runner. In fact I often expressly state my non-running ways. I “can’t run”. Am “hopeless at running”. I do aerobics, the gym, maybe even a length of a pool or two. But however much I would like to be, I am not a runner.

BOOM! Not any more!

“Runners” always seemed pretty … well… scary. Quite intense kind of people. Who take their fitness pretty seriously. I’ve been somewhere near that end of the body-focussed scale in my time, and I didn’t really like it. So I go to the gym because I enjoy it, because with my headphones on nobody knows that I’m actually listening to Taylor Swift, and because of the cute French boys who are often there on a Saturday morning…. bonjour. It makes me feel good, and if I sit still for too long I get twitchy.

But recently I’ve started to think that I could probably push myself further than I think I can. Bodies are amazing things, and recently mine has been surprising me. But generally in response to other people – whether my aerobics teacher shouting (in a nice motivational way, of course) that we’re all going to do 5 more (cue groans… but we all do), or just hitting the gym with my housemate, which I never really did before, and thinking well if she can do it, I probably can/should/will look massively unfit if I don’t…

It’s such an empowering thing to realise what our bodies are capable of – feeling strong and healthy and feeling your lungs work. And working out and getting your blood pumping is like rewarding yourself, like saying to your body, look what you can do, where you can take me and how far I can push you – you are awesome!

You may think this fitness epiphany is ever so slightly an overreaction. But I didn’t even think I could run for 10 minutes, let alone as far as I did. While maintaining a conversation! Really proud of myself.

I am so lame.

But if I tried it I bet I could totally beat you 😉


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