Lists and linguini

Today I will mostly be doing errands. Pay the water bill, go to the bank, pick up Rob’s contact lenses (and attempt to stalk the *beautiful* Specsavers man, hello), do some laundry, go to Big Tescos. I’m cooking up something delicious this evening – looking forward to getting my domestic goddess groove on.

Thanks for the comments and tweets I’ve had on the post about Gary Speed the other day. Really appreciate them 🙂 Sorry I hadn’t posted for a little while. We’ve had a little bit of family drama going down, and I found that post quite theraputic; to write about something, to get an idea and process it and put those thoughts into words. Don’t worry though, nothing too serious, nobody’s died, and I’m seeing them all soon.

I came home in a bit of what I like to call an Eeyore-Under-A-Raincloud-Mood yesterday, opened my front door and there was a package on the stairs for me that cheered me right up – look what my lovely mum sent me!

The most beautfiful cook book! Have seen the boyf for a grand total of half an hour so far this week, so am cooking up a storm for him later with this as my inspiration (seafood linguini, one of his faves, and a Proper One – not just pasta with prawns!). Honestly it’s gorgeous, and really cheered me up. Like a hug from Mum in book form.

Right – errand number 1, time to Get Dressed! Have a fab weekend everyone.

PS. Have garnered a lot of followers on Pinterest this week, so say hello if you are on it too. Makes me feel kind of cool that PR/Marketing/social media bods are starting to really sit up and notice it as a platform, when I’ve been on it for months…! #aheadofthegame


2 thoughts on “Lists and linguini

  1. Hi Sally. I thought your blog title was ‘lists and linguistics’ which sounded achingly hip and post modern until I focused properly! Linguini is much more appealing!
    I had a bit of a crush on Lisa Faulkner last year – don’t judge me, you’re stalking an optician! – she really came across as very genuine and hugely talented.
    I’m not sure I understand Pinterest. Cool media types – people like you – rave about it all the time, but how does it work as a resource? I shall have to look at it again.

  2. Ah, I miss linguistics. Linguini I have had my fill of, but I am starting to miss massively overanalysing every snippet of conversation I hear!… ❤ I will always be a linguist at heart. PR is simply strategic communications, after all! Pinterest is almost like a visual version of Twitter – people just posting snapshots or images of things that take their fancy. Like Twitter, though, it can take a little playing around with before you "get it"! But keep trying. I really just use it for mood boards of what I want my kitchen to look like…

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