Coffee shakes

My second Breakfast Club today. It went really well! The prep was definitely smoother this time. (i.e., we were out of the office before six the night before. Happy days!) I even started to get The Buzz from it all – I used to do LOADS of this kind of events stuff at school and absolutely loved it. But being so nervous about the January one it was more white noise/restrained panic than excitement! (My boss likes to call me The Swan – calm about water, but paddling furiously underneath! I *think* that’s a compliment…)

I was in such a good mood first thing that I took a quick snap of the St David’s from the pre-dawn car park, posted on Twitter with a cheery “Morning!”. I do love that kind of up-before-sunrise atmosphere… sometimes anyway. I don’t think my Blackberry quite does it justice, and fair enough my judgement at 6.30 in the morning is not always perfect, but trust me, it looked cool.

I think it helped that I slept so much better than the night before the January one. Went completely mental in the gym after work yesterday so that I’d be tired enough to hit the hay early – a plan that worked a little too well! In my pj’s by 9 – lush.

My manager said it was OK for me to head off a bit early this afternoon, which was nice as I got to meet the boy after lectures. He tried to get me to meet him inside the library foyer, but I feel I have spent enough of my life in that building and so categorically refused to grace its threshold with my presence… It was actually quite funny in the office this morning, we were both in good spirits but by about 2pm had both started to lose it a bit! “Who am I emailing?” “I have absolutely no idea.” 

And I got the WORST coffee shakes – a warning to you, children, caffeine may seem your dark, handsome friend at 8 in the morning, but when you’ve had 5 before lunchtime BAD THINGS happen. Mostly to your ability to control your arms. Yeah. Interesting.

I have however made it to 8pm without a power nap! Hurrah. Though I realised (naive as this sounds) – some people must do this every day. Every day! And I bet they don’t get to leave early. Or have a commute of all of 20 minutes. I have massive respect for these people.

It connected with something I’ve been slowly realising the past few weeks. Once you finish uni, get a job – it doesn’t get easier. You don’t work any less hard. You keep working, work harder. Again, this probably sounds naive. But I see what people mean about it all being a bit like a treadmill – OK, you’ve conquered education AND graduate employment but now you’re on to the next stage, and you have to keep working at it and proving yourself, and moving on up, as the M People put it.

Don’t get me wrong, I like treadmills. I LIKE working hard, and I am excited to prove myself in this job. I love it. It’s just when you get to the end of uni, it’s not an end – the real work starts now. Making life work.

This sounded a lot less naive in my head, so I hope what I’m trying to say is coming across. This week has been bananas – in a good way (like treadmills, I also like bananas) – lots of meetings and phoning and writing. Yay 🙂 But the weekend will be awesome! Mrs T is coming to see me for the weekend. We’re going to see Strictly Come Dancing. Oh yes. My mum and I are that cool.

Hey, work hard, play hard…!


One thought on “Coffee shakes

  1. Another triumph for you and The Breakfast Club! – I read your Petersens blog, via twitter, earlier today – and it must all be very professionally organised, or people simply wouldn’t bother to come, especially in the current economic climate. Is it mostly male, or do you have the gentler, err… STRONGER (sorry!) sex present in any numbers?

    Expect no sympathy from me regarding coffee hang overs! Tea,Sally.Tea will always get you through the day!

    Enjoy your weekend. I’m struggling with the temptation to be very rude about Strictly Come Dancing! but that’s because I can’t dance to save my life!

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