That Friday feeling

I’m starting to get into this whole working week thing. It’s strange, in that working, getting up Monday and rolling into the weekend on a Friday, is what I will be doing for the rest of my life… but when all you’ve done for the past 20 years was go to school, it’s a definite change! Though thankfully my MA got me over the “no summer holiday? what’s up with that?!” stage early on – useful.

Was actually a productive Friday – even if not consistently so! I love Fridays. I now know why everyone loves Fridays. Fridays are the best! Louise kept me well-supplied with both Chilli Chai Tea (amazing) and Dark Chilli Chocolate (spicy!!) – chilli to fight the chilly, you see? And even though I was waiting on info for a lot of the day, by the time it got to 5 I’d actually made a decent dent in something. Next week’s already looking a bit mental with meetings, but I’m excited – lots of new people for me to meet! Our new client first thing Monday, our designers and printers on Tuesday, Breakfast Club looming… Oh, and maybe even a cheeky team trip to the pub over the road, as it’s Louise’s birthday at the weekend!

And I might potentially get paid next week, too (I’m never 100% sure…).

I was going to go to the gym after work (been doing muchos exercise and minimal snacking this week – and feeling good!) but I thought, you know what? No. It is Friday. Friday nights are not for the gym. Friday nights are for the pub. At LEAST the pub!

Even though it’s cold and sleety outside, and New Girl (possible new favourite thing) is on in a bit, I am putting my “nice” jeans on and going out for a glass of wine. Even Rob is downing tools. For ’tis Friday night, and this is no night for working. Plus he’s “ahead of schedge” – yeah, he says schedge… – on the work front, so there’s really no excuse. Though he’s making me walk to the pub by his, rather than him coming to the one near mine… Punishment for my having gone to his house about 4 times since he moved in.. Woops.

Now if you don’t mind, there’s a glass of wine with my name on waiting. Have a great weekend!


PS. I also got an email this afternoon about maybe being in an article about young-women-in-first-jobs-in-creative-industries-in-Cardiff (they’re going to have to work on that as a headline)…. in a national magazine. Tempted. It would be good networking, raise the agency profile… and I’d get my hair and make up done… Ha!I’ll let you know if I go for it – the Western Mail one the other day was semi-embarassing enough…!


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