Calls, comments and cupcakes

Some quality TV going on tonight chez moi. Don’t Tell The Bride and The Biggest Loser back to back – intellectual viewing at its best! Ah, and I used to be so cultured… I’m putting it down to housemate bonding time ūüėČ

Bit of a mad day today – fell asleep on the sofa when I got home! It was good though – I got loads done, and have a good little list of things to crack on with in the morning. It’s all exciting, creative stuff, too. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing the Breakfast Club, but there’s only so much love admin can give you…! We’re putting together a Spring-themed lifestyle publication for¬†a client, and¬†want to do a feature on¬†how things like light and colour affect your mood.¬† So Louise had got hold of the details of one of the psychologists from Cardiff Met to have a chat with, and get some comments from.

(Talking of comments, thanks to all for your kind comments about my “making it official” post yesterday. Really appreciate them :-)! )

Everything kicked off a little bit just as our team meeting finished¬†(we call them Cupcake Meetings – mmm! Love working opposite a Waitrose!), as a BBC Wales journalist we’ve built up a good relationship with wanted¬†one of our clients to comment on something live on their radio show. Exciting! Although… both the primary and secondary contact in the company were on their way back down from Salford. In separate cars. Hmm. Not ideal. But we got them a contact in the end!

By the time that was semi-sorted, Louise (the Account Manager) had¬† headed off (she’s got little ones – they’re proper cute – so she works part time). Whiiiiich left it to me to ring the psychologist. I was tempted to chicken out as I still get a bit rabbit-in-headlights making phone calls; it’s something my manager picked up on in my appraisal yesterday, but I already kind of knew I needed to work on it!¬†

So I planned out what I was going to say to him (haha, I literally wrote sentences down… loser), made sure my manager was back from Waitrose (we¬†really¬†love Waitrose), had some water so¬†my voice wouldn’t come out all squeaky and weird… – I swear my manager only thinks I’m timid on the phone because he rang once when I hadn’t spoken to anyone that day and my voice was all over the place!!..

So yes. Like the Girl Guide that I used to be, I was prepared! The guy was a bit cagey to begin with, saying he’d only agreed to “having a chat” rather than providing comments for the feature, but I talked him through the ideas we had and a bit more about the publication and the company. But as we chatted he relaxed a bit and he gave us some really good stuff to work with. He was lovely! We got talking about South America and how colourful it is, and he mentioned he’s off to Mexico on Friday (jammy) as his wife lives there – now there’s long distance…! I was pleased with myself for not getting flustered, and getting him to¬†relax and¬†enjoy chatting. All the stuff he said about culture took me back to one of my favourite Linguistics modules, so we even had a bit to bond over! And I thought of some actually quite good follow up questions for him, so now we’ve got loads to use. Yay me!

Pleased with myself for that.¬†To me it was a bit of a step, even if it doesn’t sound major! Ha, it wasn’t even what this blog post was going to be about!¬†And I haven’t even mentioned the drama first thing – some idiot had completely blocked my car in so risked running v late to journalist meeting in the middle of town first thing. Idiot. I wish I’d taken a picture. WHY would you even park there!?…. *BREATHE* Cut to me legging it down Park Place with my lunchbox in one hand and my heels in the other… Classy bird.

Will do the post I meant to do today another time. It’s a bit of a sentimental one so I’ll wait til I’m in the right mood. Lets just say if you are a trainee barrister reading this, I feel your pain. Get your head down and just keep at it – only a few months to go. Oh, and eat the cakes your girlfriends give you, they’ll definitely help. Fact.



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