A Post for Dave

Today is an important day for three reasons.

1. It’s Sunday, and Sunday’s are always awesome. I’ve had a lie in, had my breakfast, started to watch Something For The Weekend and then realised why I don’t… I swear I do that every single Sunday. It’s kind of hard to believe it’s actually happening – surely they can’t be on an actual TV show, when they are all such shockingly bad presenters?? Anyway.

2. It’s a RUGBY DAY, even though the game is in Dublin rather than here, and if Sunday’s are always awesome, then a Sunday Rugby Day takes it to a new level! I will freely admit I knew nothing of the game before I lived here, but I have embraced the Welsh national sport (literally, in the case of Mike Phillips) wholeheartedly. It had genuinely never occurred to me to support England. The boyf is so proud.

3. Today, the 5th of February, is my one year Twitter anniversary.

Ah, Twitter. What a beautiful first year we’ve had together. As with any relationship, we’ve had our ups and downs… at times I’ve simply not understood what you were trying to tell me, or just what you were as a whole, but we’ve battled through. And with understanding comes love and respect. Ha!

I can completely understand people who don’t “get” Twitter. It’s weird. It’s a bit all over the place. It’s just famous people telling you what they’re having for breakfast, right?

Well, yes. And I am more than guilty of food-related updates. I have posted 15 pictures on Twitter  – 10 are of food. And one is of a dog. I never said Twitter (my Twitter in particular) was always interesting!

But that’s kind of the joy of it. Twitter is a conversation. Well, it’s a billion conversations all going on at once, “twittering” on in the background (see what I did there?) for you to dip in and out of. And isn’t that great? A million people talking about a million things,  playing out for you to get involved in, if you want to.

Dave (hi Dave!), the wonderful man who introduced me to Twitter when we both worked on Reception at the SU last year, said he’s “amazed, sometimes overwhelmed, by the useful links and info I get from Twitter”. It’s true. Yes, there are celebs (of questionable status) belching out nonsense – see this week’s “Twitter fight” between Cheryl Cole and some rapper who says he dated her. Is that really worth my time? No. Did I join in and tweet about it? Ermm… yes.

But there’s stuff of substance too. I found out about the job I have now, the brilliant, fun, perfect-timing job I am lucky to have now, through Twitter. I found out about Gary Speed’s death, the demise of Gadaffi, thanks to @BBCBreaking and @WalesOnline. I joined in with people watching everything from #Sherlock to the #ausopen, and will certainly be checking out what people think on the Six Nations match later. And seeing Tweets and pictures from the final Harry Potter premiere was a soothing substitute for the physical  pain of not actually being there (is it bad that I’m only kind of joking? Don’t think I’ll ever get over the last film…). And certainly much better than reading about it in a magazine the next day.

I love magazines, I love the news. But Twitter just makes everything so much more immediate. Everything in the industry I’ve just about managed to sneak my foot in the door of is only going to get more digital, as brands and businesses start to use social media platforms in more and more ways to connect with each other – and with their publics. @Interflora were fantastic a few months ago when I tweeted them, concerned my mum’s flowers wouldn’t arrive before she finished work. They messaged me for the order number, chased it up with the courier, and it got to her with 15 minutes to spare. Little things like that matter to businesses dealing with the public – it’s the modern-day equivalent of a nice trolley boy walking you to your car with an umbrella. Word of mouth remains as ultimately powerful as it’s ever been – and like I said, Twitter is a conversation.

So, to those of you who haven’t joined in yet, please do. Yep, to begin with you will probably struggle to reach that penny-drops moment, but once you “get” it – you won’t regret it.

My Five Fave to Follow:

1. @glamour_magazine / @jo_elvin : If I had to choose, Glamour just about pips the other mountain of magazines I buy to the post (though @Mullies and (@FionaCowood, two Cosmo writers, are pretty hilarious). I’ve always been a bit obsessed by magazines, so little twitbits (oh ho!) about the magic behind the scenes… call me sad, but they’re exciting!

2. @stephcookie / @sweetapolita : Another petit obsession of mine – baking blogs. Got 5 minutes to kill? Want to look at some mind blowing baked beauties that you will never be able to make, but would bloody love to be set loose on with a spoon? Yum.

3. @guardiannews : The Guardian being my news website of choice, and their media account’s (@guardianmedia) been great for following the Leveson enquiry, with their live Tweeting pretty addictive. There’s been a big murder trial in South Wales that’s been Tweeted live for the past couple of weeks, too (#nikitta if you’ve seen it).

4. @therealprmoment : I love their weekly “Good and Bad PR”, and am going to resist having a rant about how the Sainsbury’s tiger/giraffe bread rebrand that everyone’s been cooing over this week actually first came to light months and months ago… making it a bit of a half-arsed response, non? OK, mini rant over. This is a great website for PR, bringing together days in the life of, industry tips, and just genuinely barmy PR stunts (sending goldfish in the post? Ridiculous. And yes, they did die).

5. @hywelijones : When I interned at Tenovus (@tenovuscancer), I was told about one of their ambassadors, Hywel. Hywel has terminal cancer. And he writes a blog about it. And it is genuinely the most moving, honest, inspiring thing I’ve read in a long, long time. He is a truly incredible man, and if a tiny Tweet of “Keep going Hywel :-)” can help in any minute way, then I want to encourage you all to follow him and support him. (http://www.terminaltimes.net/).


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