Happy Friday!

Phew! Sofa time. Had my tea, sat here with a hot chocolate, and plan to spend the evening catching up on 90210 and New Girl. Not too much planned for the weekend as the boyf’s out of town… but really quite up for a quiet one. Happy Friday everyone!

So, this week.

Congrats to:

My lovely boyfriend, who got an ‘Outstanding’ and a ‘Very Competent’ in his January bar exams. That’s bar as in called to the, not meet you at the, by the way… he’s a law student! And the heat is on over the next 6 months, as puppilage applications start to open up. Just the boost he needed. Yay 🙂

Congrats to (2):

Err, me! Is that narcissistic? Oui. But – this week I received official word that the agency are keeping me on. My role was originally a 10 week placement, like a trial period, and even though I was 99% sure I’d get to stay… you never say it’s over til the fat lady sings, do you. But they’re really pleased with me, my manager said I’ve fitted in really well and if I’m happy to stay they’re happy to have me! Badabing badaboom. I am employed. I even took a picture of me ticking the ’employed’ box… now that is sad, isn’t it.

(I might even get a pay rise… sssh, whisper it!)

Cringe of the week:

Well, you saw my ugly mug in the Western Mail on the post the other day, didn’t you… Now everyone knows my cereal-munching shame!

Bizarre work moment of the week:

Today, we went to Newport for a chat with a project-based client we work with. He’s nearly 70, hilariously Welsh, and blatantly some kind of multi-millionaire. When my manager nipped to the loo, he played me the organ – beautifully, I might add! – for a good 10 minutes. Bizarre!

Stat of the week:

Discovered WordPress stats this week. Oh dear. Slightly obsessed now. But it did reveal to me that a whopping 230 people read my post about Amy McCrow, the girl who got drunk and got starkers in a nightclub this week. Chuffed with that! Thanks! Leave comments next time – I really appreciate them 🙂

Gingerbread men eaten: 2. OK, 2 and a half.


Yum of the week:

Free muffin mix from our other big client. Double chocolate. It’s in the freezer. Om nom.

(Oh, and Robert Downey Junior in Sherlock Holmes 2. Better than the first – and I hate sequels!)

Something for the weekend:

The Six Nations start Sunday! Woop woop woop 🙂

Sunday is also my one-year Twitterversary. I feel I should mark the occasion with a profound Tweet of some sort… but knowing me it’ll be something about food….

Enjoy your weekends!


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