What Not To Do

Two things happened this week that made me think, shaking my head slowly, “Oh, you silly, silly girl.”

Here, ladies and gentlemen, are two prime examples of how NOT to help yourself get a job.

Case one. First, some background. I know that I was not the most out there, party party, sod-the-lectures-pass-the-vodka kind of student. Don’t get me wrong  – I went out, I had fun, but I could probably have got out more, and have only once in my life got home hearing tweeting that wasn’t on my Twitter feed. I like a good night out, but I was never really “like that”. However, I fully understand that some freshfaced freshers (and second years, and even some third years) party. And party hard. It’s par for the course. It’s what students do.

There are, however, limits. Remember, you’re basically at University to get a job at the end of it. And there comes a tipping point at some stage in your degree when the weighting of your actions swings towards career aspirations, and away from Jagerbombs.

This young lady clearly has not reached hers yet.

Amy McCrow (it doesn’t take much Google effort to find her name, despite the Daily Mail – yep, it made the Daily Mail – avoiding publishing it), a 20-year-old Glamorgan Uni student, hit the headlines this week for getting drunk in a pretty high-profile Cardiff nightclub, and deciding it would be a fantastic idea to get naked. In a paddling pool. In front of a vodka-charged crowd. Armed with smartphones.

When my housemate first told me about it, I thought it must have been accidental. A wardrobe malfunction – we’ve all been there. I once flung my arms to the heavens to find the strap on my dress had broken. But thankfully I a) wasn’t so far gone not to realise b) wasn’t so far gone I realised but didn’t care and c) have nice friends, who both told me and provided safety pins. “Oh God”, I thought, “that poor girl, how embarassing.”

Oh no. This isn’t a simple case of I-was-out-last-night-and-my-dress-fell-off. Watch the video. She is naked, fully naked, and she is loving it.

Stupid, stupid girl. Doesn’t she realise things like this stick around? This is what she’ll be “famous” for. Google her name, in a year, 5 years, 10 years, and this is what will come up. Like Judy Finnigan accidentally getting her boobs out at the NTA’s in 2000 – yep, 12 years ago – that people still talk about.

And it’s kind of OK for Judy – because she has a job.

Potential employers look at Google. They look at Facebook. They look at Twitter. They’re going to look you up, Miss McCrow, and this is what they’re going to see.

She took to Twitter to “defend herself” (!?!), saying, “Yes I got drunk and yes I got naked. We all do things we regret and there is nothing I can do about it now.”

Nope, there really, really isn’t.

 Case number 2. I was actually on Twitter when this was breaking, which was quite exciting! Did any of you see the hashtag #SaveTheIntern trending?

Quick question. If you had scored yourself a Parliamentary internship, you wouldn’t mess it up, right? You’d be aware of your good fortune.

You wouldn’t do this:

No, didn’t think you would.

Say it with me now. What was she thinking!!? Stupid, stupid girl! Why would you ever think that was a good idea?! Labour haven’t done well with inappropriate tweeting recently – ask Dianne Abbot – and surely as a Labour intern she’d have been aware of that?

*rolls eyes*.

I’ve always said Twitter is a fantastic, communal, conversation. And it was interesting as it started trending, to see the tide turn from hilarity to solidarity – doesn’t his “I’ll deal with this offline” sound ominous? Like he was going to lock her in a stationery cupboard or something. Tweet after tweet popped up questioning whether she was being paid – a big issue for interns at the moment, and one I’ve blogged about before.

To be fair to Mr Watson, he’s handled the fallout well, saying on his blog that yes, she was being paid above minimum wage and would be working with him for the year, and that she ‘had not been sacked nor was she ever going to be.’

I don’t think I’m alone in thinking… maybe she should have been.

When you’re handed an opportunity like that, you need to prove you deserve it. And twit-raping your boss while he’s in a meeting doesn’t exactly smack of professional maturity.


4 thoughts on “What Not To Do

  1. Amy McCrow is young and we all make mistakes. Why should it put off a potential employer? She was only out to party on cheap booze and there are far darker secrets lurking around Cardiff’s streets. It was her 15 minutes of fame and public nudity is nothing to be ashamed of. Girls in Saudi Arabia can’t show their ankles never mind their front bottom.

    • I definitely agree with your comments about mistakes made in youth, but I know I personally would be mortified if I’d been naked in public! I guess each to their own – as I said in my post, I’m well aware other students are much more outgoing than I was. Thanks for reading!

  2. Regarding Amy, I don’t think it will hurt her. She got naked at a student nightclub. If in 3-4 years time an employer turns her down because of that they really have their hiring criteria wrong and probably more wouldn’t be a good company to work for anyway. As an emplyer myself I am far more interested in their academic qualifications than their student shenanigans. I think there is a measure of hostility towards her because she is an attractive woman who flaunted it. So what! Confidence is a highly sought after attribute!

    • Hi John, thanks for your comments – it’s good to know an employer’s perspective, and also that the things we do in our student days aren’t the be all and end all we can think them as, in the immediate aftermath!

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