Breakfast Club

Yesterday was my first solo Breakfast Club 🙂

Well, not quite solo, as Sophie (the student I blogged about last time) came along to help me out. Was definitely glad of an extra pair of hands!

The day before had been something of a nightmare – well, no, that’s a bit strong, I knew it was going to be a Getting Stuff Ready kind of day. Just the printer decided to have a go-slow while we were printing the attendee lists (120 copies, 4 pages each..) and it took an aaaaage. Not the time for technology to fail you!

I was pretty nervous about the event until, the night before, my anxiety just kind of vanished. Did my usual practice drive over to the venue on Tuesday evening, no problems. I didn’t sleep massively well – woke up at 2am in a cold sweat having realised I’d forgotten to make a last minute addition a name badge… OK, so the anxiety didn’t totally vanish. But it’s good to be nervous. Keeps you on your toes.

Early, drizzly start, and a minor cock-up with the seating plan, but it went well. Dare I say I even… enjoyed it? Took me back to my Organiser days – I was Chief Get Involved With Everything Girl at school. My fashion shows were legendary, let me tell you 😉

Anyway. I felt confident and I stayed calm. Note:  Staying calm is important, and being as informed as you possibly can be helps that calmness appear! Rhodri Talfan Davies (director of BBC Wales, so you know, no big deal..) was a brilliant speaker, really engaging and funny. He played a DVD (the thing I was the MOST worried about – I’m secretly not all that trusting, and that lack of faith definitely extends to machines) with a really vibrant, interesting run through of what’s been going on down at Roath Lock – there were clips of the 3rd Sherlock, which I *still* haven’t caught up on – when he popped up on screen I genuinely felt myself tense in my chair!…  Managed to avoid running out the room with hands clamped firmly over going ‘LALALA DON’T SPOIL IT LALALA…’ . I’m glad. Don’t think that would’ve gone down all that well. I don’t get into TV programmes all that much, okay, don’t judge me…

My first PR event out of the way. Phew!

Sophie (work experience student) offered to do the write up on the agency blog, which you can see here.


In other news, I’ve been having a think, and I’m going to start taking DidNext in a slightly new direction… You may remember my musing, when I got this job, that maybe the blog shouldn’t continue, seeing as it was about the difficulties of jobhunting. And that was (thankfully) a hole I’d managed to climb out of. But I don’t want to fizzle out, and I genuinely love writing and having somewhere to share that.

So while ‘What I Did Next’ is still going to be the point of this blog, it’s going to be more in the wider sense of documenting my Life After Uni. My life – the edited highlights at least, with my reactions to the wider issues around making that step from education to professionalism thrown in. For example, I’ve sketched out ideas for a couple of upcoming posts – like my thoughts on the girl who wrote a rejection letter to Oxford (hmm) or on War Horse, which I saw last night.

I hope that’s okay with you. 🙂


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