Deja vu

I just joined the AA. Feel like a grown up.

And I bought my first ever Lottery ticket just now. Admittedly, being Lottery newbies, my housemate and I giggled our way round the corner shop and had to ask the man ‘so… what do we do?’. But hey! You have to be in it to win it. And my manager told me the other day that a girl who had my desk a couple of years ago once won £200,000 on the Lottery. I’m hoping there’s something in the air…

This post does have a point, anyway! I had a real deja vu moment today. At 9.50am, I had a phone call from my manager saying he was on his way, and to expect a visitor. Okay, I said, no problem. At 9.59am, I had another phone call from a girl called Sophie. She was on her way to see us, but she was lost.

Ah, the fond memories of my first disastrous attempt to drive to the office came flooding back. And I managed to give her some half decent directions, considering my notorious lack of navigation skills. She got here, anyway!

She was a recent MA Marketing graduate, visiting to have a chat with my manager about her CV and what she could possibly do to get into the PR/Marketing game. She’d done a bit of work experience, but knew she needed to get a bit more under her belt. Maybe in the charity sector, she said – I passed on details of the charity I interned with.

Can you see where I’m leading…?

She was wearing smart black trousers, black heels and a purple flower-print blouse. (Keen eyed readers will remember, this is what I wore to my interview.) She even had a black Ted Baker handbag, like my Lucky Interview Bag.

It was bizarre! It was like… like me, about ten minutes ago. Well, two months ago – but doesn’t time fly. Things happen pretty darn quick sometimes. I remember wishing (it’s weird how thoughts pop into your head like this) I wasn’t having such a bad hair day, as the first thing that struck me when my predecessor at the agency opened the door was how amazing her hair was. Ha! My best friend from my MA and I have a thing about ‘business hair’. You know – when your hair is nice, and you can afford to keep it that way…!

Enough about business hair. Like I said, it shows you how fast things can happen – I kind of wanted to say that to her, that a matter of weeks ago I was exactly in her shoes. (And not just the outfit similarity!). Something nice happened at the very end of the day, though. We’ve got the Breakfast Club coming up again next week, and we’re looking at about 100 attendees. As  my first one flying solo, I’m keen for an extra pair of hands, if I can get them. So I emailed Sophie offering her a bit of work experience.

It’s nice to be on the offering end. Bizarre, when I think about the timescale… but nice. 🙂


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