Oh brother.

Good news everyone! My older brother (he of ‘my older brother is pretty useless’ fame) got a job!

He was working on a very low-hour basis at his old school (he called it lunchtime supervisor, I called it dinner lady… Who says you grow out of being an annoying little sister?), and has now been taken on on better hours as sixth form coordinator, until they find someone to fill the role more permanently.

 I found out this morning, in the modern way – over Facebook… His status was pretty disgruntled. You’d think after a year and a halfish of faffing he’d be pleased? Hmm. Something along the lines of ‘ugh apparently now working as XYZ 8-4, getting up at 7am can [expletive expletive] itself’.

Texted to say congrats and also that, FYI, 7 is not that early.

Anyway. My initial reaction was ‘erm, hello? You have a job! This is a good thing!’, a continuation of my general state of incredulity at his lack of understanding of what is expected of you In The Real World. Aka, you finish Uni, try and get a job, and stop spongeing off our parents. (There’s nothing like underlying family tension.)

Then, number 2. Talking to Mum over Christmas, she’s kind of concerned in that he just wants any old admin job, to get some money together to move in with his mate. She (and I, if I’m honest, bring the driven one of us four) was saying she’d really rather he looked towards some kind of career. But I’ve been thinking about this for a little while and… if he doesn’t… is that a bad thing? Making sure you can pay your bills isn’t the end of the world, if that’s all you want. My brother’s in a band and basically just wants to be a rock star – at least he’s starting to see that you do need to earn a bit of money to finance your fun times.

Number 3. Should he have been ranting like he did all over Facebook? There’s been a lot in the press recently about Tweets, statuses, and even CV’s on Linkedin getting people into hot water. (I read that story today – tres interessant.)

I was reading an article over my Special K this morning about what employers, current or potential, are able to find out about you from your Twitter and Facebook usage, and the perceptions they can draw. I myself have definitely been aware of an increase of followers of a more professional kind recently (hi! and thanks :-)) and it has definitely made me aware of what I’m Tweeting.

I know everyone puts on their bio ‘views are my own’ – but you still watch what you say, right? I didn’t set my Twitter feed to automatically publicise on my Linkedin profile, for example. Not because I want to hide it – but because I’m aware of keeping an appropriate line between my professional and personal profiles. I’m not exactly badassl I’m more likely to be tweeting about how much I love Harry Potter (Jan 1st: ‘New Year’s Resolution – find my Hogwarts letter’)  than how I fell out of a nightclub coked up to my eyeballs on the weekend. Which I didn’t by the way.

I doubt anything I said would genuinely harm professional opinion of me… it’s more I don’t want to waste their time.

Or irritate them. There are quite a lot of HP tweets….



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