Week One

Week one. While planning this blog post just now (on the treadmill, I do a lot of thinking in the gym!), those words brought only one song to mind!

Right, now that’s over. One week down. A week of firsts. Today – first business meeting! We went to meet with one of our suppliers about some work we could be doing together for a pretty exciting potential client. It was really interesting – we were talking things like website and social media optimisation, and my little digital marketing sensors started buzzing!! Now that I’ve kind of decided against the CIPR course I might look into a digital marking qualification. It’s something I’m really…. turned on by, for want of a better phrase! And I know in the future it’s an area that’s only going to get more important and more influential.

And, while this may sound childish, made me feel like a Definite Grown Up when our boss had to nip off early and the other Account Exec and I had to carry on and hold our own. Slightly daunting, but also exciting. I think he just think we’re incredibly capable – never a bad thing – and it’s an encouragement to kind of step up. Challenge accepted!

I’m definitely starting to get into it, though – my confidence is starting to arrive. Was quite happily doing admin for the networking breakfast we organise, printing invoices, updating the database… Feels like I’ve been there longer than seven days. Plus the Christmas CD that Mum posted me definitely made it into the office today! Yay 🙂

Got my first client visit tomorrow, going to a charity that one of our big clients is doing a Christmas kind of help-out with. Briefed to take pictures – and santa hats!


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