The start of something big

Really really enjoyed today! It was a long day, and my brain is ever so slightly spinning from all the things I’m going to have to learn in the next few weeks!… my brain was so busy I didn’t even eat lunch. I know! I always eat lunch! For something to occupy my thoughts to the extent that I’m not thinking about food – now that is a good sign.

I’ve got 3 weeks of handover with the girl who I’ll be taking over from; luckily she is both absolutely lovely and a massive fan of lists and post-its! Her notes are going to be mega helpful. And she shares my view that filofax ownership is the true sign of adulthood. She’s leaving for a job with Golley Slater in London (good girl!). Which goes to show where opportunities like this can get you, if you use them well. She was really helpful though, encouraged me not to be too overwhelmed by everything, and to really make the most of the position. To jump on things!  She’s clearly set a really high standard though – got to make sure I can live up to it!

I feel very ‘official’ now.  I think I’m going to be thrown into being one of the team very quickly – my name was even on a brief they’re presenting to a prospective client next week! It’s scary in a really good way, though – it’s like I was saying the other day, I wouldn’t get this kind of learning curve just anywhere.  I am about to learn so much.

Talking of learning, the girl who’s leaving has done the CIPR Advanced Certificate. It’s an industry qualification, something I’ve looked into doing myself in the past. Hearing her talk about it definitely tickled my fancy. I know I got some way into communication and campaign theory in my MA, but I’d love to do more. The more I realised that this was the industry I wanted to go into, the more I was jealous of my friends who were doing PR degrees! It’s expensive, though (though she got some funding from Go Wales – good old Go Wales!) and it takes about a year to do, going to Bristol every few months and then working on assignments. And if I don’t go for the January intake, I wouldn’t be able to sign up til September 2012… Oooh! Going to look into it further.

One of the highlights today was the little buzz  I got when my new boss referred to Public Relations as ‘our industry’. I did it, people – I’m in! Happy days.


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