Being stealth. And making lunch.

So! Tomorrow is Day 1. Yesterday I did my Ninja Stealth Test Drive, to check I can find the way there having got ever so slightly lost on the way to the interview.

Me: Excuse me – I’m really lost. Do you know where Wharfedale Road is?
Chavvy Welsh Man: Is that Pentwyn? You’re in Llanedyn!
Me: …

I should have said, ‘Sorry, Chavvy Welsh Man, that means absolutely nothing to me and I am in a rush. Please give me directions forthwith.’ However what came out was more akin to, ‘!!#@!’, which I believe is Pig Latin for, ‘The word Llanedyn means NOTHING to me and I am going to be LATE, OMG. Sort it out.’

Hence, Ninja Stealth Test Drive. Under cover of darkness (though this time of year, what isn’t?), hence the ninja part. I don’t know why I felt a bit lame / like a spy doing it, I reckon it’s really quite a good idea…!

It did take me back to my OC-loving days though, and this:

‘SSSSHHHHH! We’re being stealth.’

Ah, Seth Cohen. My first love. And in a similarly unsubtle fashion, it’s hard to be stealth in a bright yellow cinquecento. But I made it.

Have spent the day Sorting My Life Out, and working out what to wear. I know that sounds lame, girly, materialistic… call it what you will, but image is important! You want to make a good impression, don’t you?

I don’t know exactly what kind of thing is appropriate until I get there, I guess, but I at least know what I’m wearing tomorrow. Might even be super-keen and make my lunch tonight. Crikey… night-before lunchbox prep, laying out outfits, be there by the 9’o’clock bell – has anyone else noticed how working life is a lot like school?!

I’ve been too busy to get nervous today, but am blithely expecting some sort of panic attack before the end of Frozen Planet…  Wish my boyfriend wasn’t in London, and my mum and dad weren’t out for the evening!! Wish me luck, then. I’ll let you all know how it goes.



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